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Rogue pharmacies identified 12/3-12/7

LegitScript’s analysts recently added 345 new websites to our database. These include a new batch of websites belonging to the BestKusuri rogue Internet pharmacy network, many of which were created last month. The network evidently is sticking with “kenko”-named websites, which it gravitated toward after LegitScript shut down in early October. (Although it’s been silent since October, the BestKusuri Twitter account now links to the replacement website The network’s newly registered domain names include,, and Half of these BestKusuri domain names were registered through France-based registrar GandiSAS; the other half through known “safe haven” registrar also was the registrar of choice for a significant number of domain names in the PharmaWeb network of unapproved Internet pharmacies. A total of 38 websites have domain names registered through, most of which belong to PharmaWeb.

Other often-used registrars for the websites we recently added to our database of Internet pharmacies are:

  • PSI-USA: 14 websites, all of which are in the rogue online pharmacy network.
  • BizCN: 24 websites, mainly in the Rx-Partners and Main Alpha rogue pharmacy networks. BizCN has been a steady entrant on our Top 10 list of rogue registrars, and we have seen no progress from the registrar despite our requests that it suspend the domain names of the the illegal pharmacy websites using its services.
  • 49 websites, most of which are in the Main Alpha network. As we’ve noted previously, has done a commendable job this year in keeping rogue pharmacy websites off its platform. We will notify the registrar’s abuse team about these rogue Internet pharmacy domain names.