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Rogues and Registrars: Top 10 List (December 2012)

LegitScript’s most recent analysis of rogue Internet pharmacies shows the usual suspects among the most popular registrars where these pharmacies register their domain names. Only a few of November’s Top 10 registrars changed rankings; most notably, BizCN climbed from the 10th spot to No. 8 as it appears that more and more operators of rogue Internet pharmacies are choosing the Chinese registrar for its “offshore” status. A reseller for BizCN,, also has been putting out word that it is a safe place to register pharmacy domain names (which it appears to have been doing since changed its policy on pharmacy websites in the spring).

Since our November Top 10 list, we identified more than 2,000 additional rogue pharmacy websites registered through ABSystems — with domain names like the generic-sounding and as well as those to attract web users searching locally (, ABSystems currently accounts for nearly 54% of all rogue Internet pharmacies on the top 10 registrars’ platforms. (The No. 2 registrar, Moniker, accounts for only 11% of the total number of rogue pharmacies.)

Here are the Top 10 registrars for rogue Internet pharmacies, according to our latest available data:

1. ABSystems, dba

2. Moniker

3. Momentous Group/


5. Cloud Group Limited

6. TodayNIC

7. Tucows/OpenSRS

8. BizCN dba

9. DNC Holdings/DirectNIC


Below these 10, the registrars Key-Systems, OnlineNIC and Dattatec remain a significant threat in allowing rogue pharmacies to proliferate on the Internet, potentially endangering the health of consumers. We continue to encourage all of the registrars on our list to follow the lead of more responsible companies — including eNom, GoDaddy, Sibername, Directi and others — that do not allow illicit online drug sellers to use their registration services.