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Irish registrar Blacknight partners with LegitScript

LegitScript is pleased to announce that Irish registrar Blacknight, which has a long history of aiding the fight against cybercrime, has partnered with LegitScript to ban rogue Internet pharmacies from using its registration services. The ICANN-accredited registrar and hosting service updated its terms of service to reflect the policy, under which it will suspend and lock any domain names being used to facilitate the sale of drugs in violation of applicable laws.

As we do for many other domain name registrars as a free service, LegitScript’s abuse team will send notifications to Blacknight on an ongoing basis alerting them to rogue pharmacy websites. As we have noted in the past, the operators of these rogue Internet pharmacies seek out “safe haven” registrars that will allow them to continue illegally selling pharmaceuticals to customers via the Internet. But increasingly, the website operators have fewer and fewer companies to choose from to register their domain names, thanks to responsible registrars such as GoDaddy, eNom, Directi — and now Blacknight — who do not want their platforms used in furtherance of illegal activity, particularly the kind that can lead to some nasty results such as overdoses, failed medical treatment, adverse effects or even death. As part of our process, we always welcome the opportunity to review any documentation that a registrant may submit (e.g., a pharmacy license) for no cost.

As Blacknight noted in their blog, the Internet is great: “…it can make our lives better, improve our choices, and help us to gain access to information quickly and easily.” That’s true for online healthcare as well: It is convenient and can be cost-effective. But the “ugly underbelly,” as Blacknight puts it, shows up through websites that do not require a valid prescription for prescription-only medicine and/or sell unregistered, often substandard, medicines. Many of these do not even have valid pharmacy licenses. Balancing out Internet freedom (and minimizing or eliminating government oversight of the Internet) while preventing cybercrime from running wild is a delicate but important balance. We think that the right approach is voluntary actions by responsible registrars such as Blacknight and are proud to stand with such registrars.

LegitScript commends Blacknight’s leadership in this area, and we look forward to working with them to help make the online healthcare market a secure, safe environment for all Internet users.

Read more about Blacknight and its efforts to stop the proliferation of rogue Internet pharmacies here.