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Rogues and Registrars: Top 10 List (March 2013)

Call it March Madness. Since our last update on the most popular domain name registrars where rogue Internet pharmacies cluster, there have been major changes in the ranks. With the sudden disappearance of many websites controlled by usually dominant ABSystems (a topic to be explored in a future blog post), several registrars have climbed higher in the Top 10, and others are making their first appearance.

TodayNIC, solidly in the middle of the pack of rogue registrars over the past several months, has shot to the top of the rankings; the China-based domain name registrar so far has not responded to our notifications to block the operators of illegal websites from using its services in the furtherance of illegal activity. Like TodayNIC, BizCN, the No. 2 registrar this month, gets plenty of business from the operators of rogue Internet pharmacies who seem to flock there because it’s perceived as “offshore.” However, in BizCN’s case, we know that they have welcomed this business in the past. We hope that both TodayNIC and BizCN will join the domain name registrars that actively keep rogue Internet pharmacies off their platforms by suspending and locking their domain names. These include another registrar in China, 0101 Domain, which has begun turning away the rogue Internet pharmacies that we have informed them about.

Furthermore, two registrars that previously received early warnings from us moved into the Top 10 this month: Dattatec and IPMirror both have received our notifications about rogue Internet pharmacies in the past. We notify these and other registrars on an ongoing basis about rogue Internet pharmacies using their registration services in the hopes that they will shut down the websites, which have the potential to endanger the health of their customers by making unapproved or counterfeit medications available with the click of a mouse. The following registrars are currently used most often by website operators who unlawfully sell or facilitate the sale of pharmaceuticals over the Internet:

1. TodayNIC

Website examples:

  •, a fake Canadian pharmacy website in the GlavMed network that sells prescription drugs such as Crestor and Bactrim.
  •, selling prescription drugs like Prednisone and Nolvadex without a prescription.
  •, a “multinetwork” website that uses the name of British retailer Tesco in its domain name to attract online shoppers and then refers them to two rogue Internet pharmacies.

2. BizCN


  •, which sells unapproved prescription drugs like Zenegra and Kamagra.
  •, selling prescription medications like Accutane and Clomid without a prescription.
  •, which leads to a page on an Rx-Partners website that sells a generic version of Atomoxetine which, like Adderall, is used to treat attention-deficit disorder.



  •, which sells prescription medications like Zithromax and Nolvadex without a prescription.
  •, the home page of which currently features “generic Tamiflu,” an antiviral drug that has no approved generic version, and which the FDA has recently warned websites to stop marketing.
  •, selling prescription antibiotics, painkillers and other drugs without a prescription.

4. Tucows


  •, offering products such as Kamagra and Stilnox (which, the website notes, is shipped from Romania to places such as the UK and EU).
  •, a website that does not require a patient to provide a prescription to buy prescription drugs, including the painkiller Tramadol.
  •, selling a large number of prescription medications without a prescription.



  •, part of a small network of rogue Internet pharmacies that sell unapproved generic medication without a prescription.
  •, which sells anabolic steroids without a prescription and ships worldwide from the European Union.
  •, a fake Canadian Internet pharmacy that is part of the IceRx network. IceRx, sponsored by an organization based in Eastern Europe, sells drugs — some of them unapproved and unregulated products — without a prescription or a pharmacy license.

6. Momentous Group/


  •, an “anchor website” for the rogue Internet pharmacy network known as
  •, which facilitates the sale of Soma and other prescription-only drugs without a prescription.
  •, a website in the Pharmatheke network of rogue Internet pharmacies that markets erectile dysfunction drugs to German-speaking customers.

7. Key-Systems


  •, a website in the Pharmatheke network that sells unapproved drugs such as Genegra and Viagra Generika.
  •, a 4Rx website that sells birth control pills and other prescription medications without a prescription.
  •, which sells anabolic steroids without requiring a prescription.

8. Cloud Group Limited


  •, a pharmacy website in the Rx-Partners network.
  •, a website catering to Norwegian Internet users to sell drugs such as Viagra and Cialis without requiring a prescription.
  •, which sells generic versions of erectile dysfunction medication for which no generics have been approved.

9. Dattatec

We are following up on a notification sent earlier this year to Argentinian domain name registrar Dattatec, which is new to the Top 10 rogue registrars list for March. The majority of the fraudulent Internet pharmacies using Dattatec as a domain name registrar belong to networks like Rx-Partners and 4Rx, which sell unregulated drugs, including prescription medications that they do not require valid prescriptions to order.


  •, a website selling Tadacip, an unapproved drug that is an unlawful, generic form of Cialis.
  •, an Rx-Partners website selling unapproved generic versions of popular prescription medications.
  •, which looks like a simple informational blog about health problems but prominently links to a websites that sell prescription drugs without requiring a prescription.

10. IPMirror

Also new to the Top 10, IPMirror is a Singapore-based registrar favored by some high-value rogue Internet pharmacies in MyRxCash network (aka Pronet). Some anchor websites for several small rogue Internet pharmacy and steroids networks are also registered through IPMirror.


  •, which is selling unapproved generic versions of prescription medications including erectile dysfunction meds, antibiotics and painkillers.
  •, a rogue Internet pharmacy that uses an “online consultation” method to sell prescription medications without requiring a valid prescription.
  •, a website that sells products that are marketed as anabolic steroids, as well as prescription drugs.

Early Warnings

OnlineNIC remains the registrar of choice for many rogue Internet pharmacy operators, and continues to linger among the Top 10.

Japanese registrar GMO Internet Inc. (aka or  お名前.com) still has a significant number of rogue Internet pharmacies using its platform, many of them targeting Japanese customers. We have been in contact with Onamae, but so far have not persuaded them to suspend domain names hosting rogue Internet pharmacies.

Paknic, a Pakistan-based registrar that has so far not responded to our notifications, is not far behind GMO Internet in the number of rogue Internet pharmacies that use its services.