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More slimming coffee and obesity tea added to LegitScript products database

Weight-loss supplements incorporating the words “coffee” and “tea” into their names continue to be marketed to consumers even though they might contain potentially harmful ingredients. Some haven’t been found to contain unapproved substances but merely imply that they cure obesity, which is an impermissible claim for a dietary supplement. We have recently added more of these products to our searchable database, and we don’t recommend that any consumers use, or Internet platforms carry, the supplements listed below.

slimming coffee weight loss supplementThe number of so-called “slimming coffees” in our database has grown to 25 with these recent additions. Most of the slimming coffees we’re keeping tabs on can be dangerous to users’ health because they contain hidden sibutramine, an active pharmaceutical ingredient that has been linked to conditions as serious as strokes and cardiac arrhythmia. These products include the newly added Coffee Nature Fashion Slimming, Brazil Potent Slimming Coffee and L-CarnitinL 360 Slimming Coffee. In addition, Fashion Slimming Coffee and Coffee 26 Original were found to contain sibutramine and a potential carcinogen, phenolphthalein. The packaging for the Fashion Slimming Coffee pictured on the right also states that the product will “reduce fat,” “regulate blood” and “whiten skin,” making it even more troubling from a marketing standpoint.

Two new “obesity tea” supplements — Obesity Tea from Yama’s Herbs and Salud Natural Obesity Tea — as well as Obesity & Appetite Control from Swanson Homeopathy can now be found in our database. These products are marketed for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of obesity, an impermissible disease cure claim. It’s worth noting that two other slimming tea products, Celerite Slimming Tea and Paiyouji Plus — Fast Acting Slimming Tea, have been found to contain sibutramine.

Other products recently added to the LegitScript database are dietary supplements that mimic the name of the prescription drug Phentermine, which is also used as a weight-loss aid. The new supplements are PhenApex, which is considered per se problematic because it has a name and described effects that are confusingly similar to a combination of Phentermine and Adipex-P, implying the same efficacy and safety of those drugs. The other new problematic supplements are Phenterdrene-P57, Phenterdrene, Phentirmin, Phentirmine and Phentramine HCL.

The products we monitor aren’t limited to prescription drugs and supplements. New psychoactive drugs that can be easily found for sale on the Internet include Bang Bang, ShamRocks, Demon Ultra and Pure Evil Herbal Incense. These products are referred to as herbal incense or potpourri but are known for their psychoactive effects and likely contain synthetic cannabinoids. The dangers of these designer drugs are becoming well-documented, with a recent study showing that they can lead to serious kidney damage.

Because all of the products above are classified as “per se problematic,” they are generally disallowed from being advertised on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. We work with these companies and others to notify them about these problematic products.