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Rogues and Registrars: Top 10 List (April 2013)

Since our analysis last month, there hasn’t been much movement among the domain name registrars that are used most often by the operators of rogue Internet pharmacies — though as we track this monthly data, we remove registrars who are forward-leaning in responsible corporate governance. This month, the Chinese companies TodayNIC and BizCN are still the top two destinations for website operators who sell medications illegally over the Internet., and also are high on the list of rogue registrars.

The rogue Internet pharmacy networks most often seen among the current Top 10 rogue registrars are Rx-Partners, RxPayouts, RxProfits and Asian Capital Equities. This month we note a shift in the latter network to two relatively new registrars on our list: Argentina-based Dattatec and Singapore’s IPMirror, which both had enough rogue Internet pharmacies using their services to push them into the Top 10 in March. Together, Dattatec and IPMirror provide the registration services for 67 percent of websites in the Asian Capital Equities network. These two registrars appear to be an alternative for websites in this network that were shut down by eNom, one of the leading responsible registrars that do not allow illegal pharmacy websites to use their services. If both of these registrars followed suit and suspended the domain names of the more than 100 rogue Internet pharmacies that are currently on their registration platform, it would make a sizable dent in the network. And if, for example, Dattatec shut down the Asian Capital Equities anchor website, many of the pharmacy websites in the network could be rendered dysfunctional. We continue to ask that these registrars suspend and lock the domain names of illegal Internet pharmacies — and the websites that provide key services like payment processing — to keep them from potentially harming Internet users.

The current Top 10 list of rogue registrars follows:

1. TodayNIC

2. BizCN


4. Momentous Group/


6. Tucows

7. Dattatec

8. IPMirror

9. GMO Internet Inc./Onamae

10. Paknic