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Edible Earth and other problematic products added to LegitScript database

Potentially harmful products such as edible clay and erectile dysfunction treatments have recently been added to LegitScript’s database in an effort to inform and protect consumers. They are as follows:

Clay Products

The medicinal clay dietary supplements listed below pose risks because of high levels of lead and arsenic. These supplements, marketed as able to aid in digestion and absorb toxins, are also often promoted as a daily treatment for pregnancy-induced nausea and varicose veins. The United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency recently issued a new warning about clay, emphasizing that excessive lead can be detrimental to fetal brain development and advising pregnant women against using “detox” clay supplements.

LegitScript does not recommend that any consumer use, or that Internet platforms carry, the following: Calcium Bentonite Clay, French Green Montmorillonite Clay, Edible Earth, Argiletz Superfine Green Clay, Green Clay, Sikor and Shikor Mati, among others. (Specific information about each product listed can be found by clicking on the name.) Proponents of ingestible clay and those who might have purchased medicinal clay products can search for the specific brands here.

New DMAA Products

Two new products containing DMAA — a banned supplement ingredient that has been blamed for the deaths of several users — also have been added to our database: Thermo Gold and Methyl Surge Black.

New Tainted Weight Loss Supplements

Another batch of products containing sibutramine — a prescription drug that was withdrawn from the market in 2010 because of safety concerns — are also new to our database; they include Lipo 8, Fat Buster Extra Strength, Slimmer Advanced, Slim Buster X and Body Tailor.

New Erectile Dysfunction Products

Undeclared sildenafil or tadalafil — the active pharmaceutical ingredients in erectile dysfunction medications — showed up in products such as Zoom-Zooma-Zoom, Sex Plus, Long-Power, Libigold, Levitrex, Man Power 365 and Rhino51. Several of these products were identified by the Korea Food and Drug Administration as tainted supplements. US consumers can read more about other sexual enhancement products that contain hidden drug ingredients on the FDA website.