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Pharmatheke branches out to Japan

The rogue Internet pharmacy network Pharmatheke, which operates hundreds of websites that ship medications to customers in many parts of the world but mainly focuses on the German market, has made a foray into Japan. The website, launched in April, targets Japanese customers and sells several Cialis products, including unapproved “generic” (and “generika”) versions as well as “Cialis Strips,” another unapproved iteration of the erectile dysfunction medication. Products such as “Cialis Strips” and “Cialis soft tabs” are not manufactured by Lilly, the registered manufacturer of Cialis, and therefore, they are certainly counterfeit generic versions of Cialis.

Pharmatheke websites are considered “rogue” for several reasons. They sell prescription medications without a prescription; they almost certainly do not have a pharmacy license in each jurisdiction they ship to; and they sell unapproved and unregulated drugs. Doing business in Japan means they are adding to their reach globally, and entering the Japanese market is particularly troubling because online sales of prescription drugs in Japan is illegal.

Pharmatheke has been known to branch out to other parts of Europe and Scandinavia — with websites displaying Italian, Spanish and Finnish content — but as far as we know, this is the first time it has opened a store for Japanese customers. (It’s clear from the content of that Japanese is not the website operator’s native language.) We will continue to watch for more developments in Japan from this European rogue Internet pharmacy network.



Pharmathekeはイタリア語、スペイン語、フィンランド語のウェブサイトを展開し、ヨーロッパや北欧に活動を広げていますが、日本人に向けたウェブサイトは初めて確認されました。 genericcialis-japan.comの日本語は不自然な部分がある事から、このウェブサイトの運営者は日本人ではないでしょう。レジットスクリプトはこのヨーロッパの不正オンラインネットワークの日本での活動の監視を続けていきます。