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LegitScript takes down rogue network RxProfits

Over the past several weeks, LegitScript has effectively disabled the rogue Internet pharmacy network RxProfits, also known as DirectNet Partners. We shut down more than 80 RxProfits websites, most crucially the “anchor” websites, and, which domain name registrars suspended after receiving our notifications. The anchor websites so far have not been replaced with functioning websites. The first two websites processed payments for the network, and the third recruited affiliate marketers.

RxProfits websites sell (or sold) prescription drugs without requiring a prescription, without a valid pharmacy license, and without obtaining FDA approval for the drugs imported directly to patients — putting profits, as the affiliate network name suggests, ahead of the safety of Internet users.

Some RxProfits flagship Internet pharmacies also were suspended — and, for example — as well as many “feeder” websites that redirected to the network’s anchor websites. Hundreds of websites that relied on for payment processing are now effectively shut down. Some examples are:


Happily, we also note that, an RxProfits rogue Internet pharmacy that was not affiliated with our company but used our name without permission (thus infringing upon our trademark), was suspended in the recent takedowns. That website was run by one Doug Walker of Indianapolis, Indiana, a web designer who operates website design company (Web Design by Doug Walker), but is heavily involved in the rogue Internet pharmacy world, marketing substandard prescription drugs, including some controlled substances, without a valid prescription via various Internet pharmacy affiliate marketing programs. LegitScript has successfully shut down all of Mr. Walker’s Internet pharmacy websites to date, which include affiliate websites of the, RxAff (Promoting-Experts) and RxProfits rogue Internet pharmacy networks.

LegitScript considers RxProfits a top-tier enforcement priority and will continue to monitor the network if it attempts to evolve.