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Rogues and Registrars: Top 10 List (July 2013)

If you’ve been following our monthly updates on the “safe haven” domain name registrars where rogue Internet pharmacies cluster, you’ll recognize all of the companies on the list below. Although our most recent data shows slight changes in the rankings of the top 10 safe havens since the June list, all the usual registrars are represented this month. We have repeatedly contacted these registrars, seeking to have them comply with the terms they agreed to when becoming accredited by ICANN. However, they remain the stalwarts in this field — unlike responsible registrars who do not allow criminals to use their platforms for financial gain.

The current Top 10 rogue registrars are:

1. TodayNIC

2. BizCN


4. Momentous Group/


6. Tucows

7. GMO Internet Inc./Onamae

8. Paknic

9. Dattatec

10. IPMirror