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Top 10 Rogue Registrars (August 2013)

Our latest available data for the domain name registrars that sponsor rogue Internet pharmacies shows only some shuffling of the usual suspects, with no new companies making the Top 10.

Most notably this month, Japanese registrar Onamae/GMO Internet continues its ascent toward the upper half of the list after entering the Top 10 in the spring. We continue to contact Onamae and other registrars regularly to encourage them to remove illegal websites from their platforms.

It’s worth noting that the registrars that pass the buck to Internet service providers or other companies are going halfway — but they are not honoring their agreement under ICANN’s UDRP to prohibit the use of domain names for unlawful purposes. Some of the registrars that take this tack are on the list below, and are still considered “rogue” because they are aware that their services are being used by multitudes of Internet pharmacy operators who are breaking the law.

The Top 10 rogue registrars for August are:

1. TodayNIC

2. BizCN



5. Tucows

6. Onamae/GMO Internet

7. Momentous Group/

8. Paknic

9. IPMirror

10. Dattatec