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LegitScript identifies new illicit Internet pharmacy networks

Reviewing online pharmacies with shared characteristics and website management, LegitScript recently uncovered several new Internet pharmacy networks that are not complying with basic drug safety protections. We do not recommend websites in the networks listed below, all of which are considered “rogue” for failing to meet the standards for the sale of medicines online.

Quality Generic Rx:
This network of 15 active Internet pharmacy websites includes the flagship website, plus and (Why settle for mere “quality” when you can choose “better” or “best?”) These websites are shipping generic prescription drugs to nearly all countries worldwide without requiring a prescription. The majority of Quality Generic Rx’s domain names are privacy protected (which patients looking for prescription drugs online should read as a red flag); however, several are registered to Jagan Malaviya of an organization called Globalplus, which does not appear to be a real company. Quality Generics Rx websites, though, try to lend some transparency to the operations by naming a contact, “Andy,” and we believe that refers to this mysterious fellow.

Tip Top Meds:
Another small Internet pharmacy network, Tip Top Meds, operates nine websites focused on products such as Clomid, Nolvadex, and Xenical (,, et cetera). Tip Top Meds ( does not require a prescription to order these or other prescription-only medications, and they ship to nearly all jurisdictions worldwide; websites state the the products are sourced in Europe and Asia.

Rogue Internet pharmacy has been around for a while, but only now is being formally classified as a network by LegitScript. The Pharmacy2Home websites are targeting customers in the US, the UK, and EU countries. Several of the 15 “feeder” websites (such as and that send patients to make their purchase at are in French and Italian. As the website and network name implies, drugs are being shipped from (an unidentified) pharmacy to “home,” in jurisdictions where it does not appear to have any pharmacy licenses. In fact, the Pharmacy2Home network uses language in its terms and conditions that it is not a pharmacy but rather an “online distributer” (sic), and claims that it is “not responsible for anything related to usage, dosage and application of medicines.” Similar “fine print” is featured on many rogue online drug outlets.

Consisting of 10 rogue Internet pharmacy websites including and, this network is offering generic prescription medication sourced in India and other locations without requiring a prescription, and facilitating the shipment of drugs directly from the manufacturer to nearly every country in the world. In addition to some unapproved drugs, the websites are selling a problematic dietary supplement called Penisole, which Swedish authorities found to contain undeclared strychnine.