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LegitScript makes Japanese newspaper Yomiuri

Japan’s Yomiuri newspaper recently published an article about LegitScript regarding our Internet monitoring methods.

Japan has the second-largest pharmaceutical market in the world, after the United States. Over the past two years, LegitScript has closed more than 400 illegal Japanese-language websites selling prescription medicine in a way that violates Japanese laws and regulations, and puts Japanese residents’ health and safety at risk.

Japan’s Congress is in the process of formulating new laws and regulations regarding the online sale of medicines, responding to the recent removal of a ban on the online sales of over-the-counter products imposed by the Japanese Supreme Court. In response, websites that illegally sell prescription medicine online, such as BestKenko, have started to target the Japanese market in new ways, such as displaying OTC products instead of prescription drugs at the top of their page, and selling prescription drugs illegally to the customers who seek OTC drugs. We believe that Japan will need more active monitoring in the coming year to respond to these threats.

LegitScript utilizes various approaches to keep the Internet clean from unregulated drug sellers, monitoring not only domain names, but also their advertisements, affiliate programs, payment processing, and connections to international criminal networks. Our monitoring program is endorsed by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), and LegitScript works with law enforcement agencies worldwide, such as INTERPOL, the US FDA and EU medicine boards.

The illegal online sale of medicines is a threat to citizens’ health and public safety no matter where it happens, including Japan.