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Snapshot (12/19/13): Over 900 rogue Internet pharmacies added to LegitScript database

On a daily basis, LegitScript cybercrime and healthcare product analysts add anywhere from a few dozen to a couple of thousand of healthcare product websites to our database, classified by website type (e.g., Internet pharmacy or dietary supplement website), legitimacy (rogue, unapproved, unverified or legitimate) and, where applicable, the criminal network in question.

Here’s a snapshot of the 913 Internet pharmacies that we added to the database yesterday.

  • Six were part of the 4rx rogue Internet pharmacy network.
  • Over 830 were part of the massive spam empire EvaPharmacy (also known as “Canadian HealthCare & Mall,” among  other names).
  • Over 20 were part of three new small Japanese rogue Internet pharmacy networks, that we call JP b89 China, JP CLV China and JP Iwa Trading.
  • Ten were part of the Rx-Partners criminal gang, operating largely out of China.
  • Another ten were part of what we think is likely an Eastern European drug network,

The remaining websites were either not part of a known network (21 websites) or were one of a small number of websites added to existing networks.