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Three new China-based networks target Japan with rogue Internet pharmacies

LegitScript has recently identified three new rogue Internet pharmacy networks based in China that are shipping prescription medicines and tainted dietary supplements into Japan, in violation of Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs laws and regulations. Online sales of prescription drugs is illegal in Japan, except for very rare occasions. We should note that all the websites in these networks use incorrect Japanese language, and as such it’s obvious that they are operated by non-Japanese speakers. LegitScript urges Japanese consumers not to purchase prescription drugs online. The three networks are:

1. b89 China:
This network has more than 20 websites, such as and “b89” reads as “Biyaku,” which means “aphrodisiac” in Japanese. LegitScript recently shut down 15 websites in this network, including This network is selling tainted “aphrodisiac” and prescription erectile dysfunction medicines. Products that this network sells, such as Cialis 100mg, are potentially dangerous. Only 5mg, 10mg and 20mg are approved, and Cialis 100mg is not approved anywhere in the world. Even if it is genuine, it’s not hard to imagine how dangerous this product is, as it’s five to 20 times stronger than the approved products.

b89 china

2. CLV China:
This network of 40 active Internet pharmacy websites includes the flagship websites, and セックスレス対策.com. They not only sell prescription medicines illegally, but they also sell sports team uniforms that are most likely unlicensed at 日本代表ユニフォーム.com and Both the uniform shop and the rogue Internet pharmacy website have the same phone number: 0368-63-5416. shows the telephone number 0368-63-5416:

CLV China contact information shows the telephone number 0368-63-5416:

clv phone


Does the customer service representative ask if customers have ordered a fake ED medicine, or fake New York Yankees uniform?

3. Iwa Trading:
productsThe third new network we identified is the “Iwa Trading.” This network is based in Fujian province in China and operates websites such as and Just like the two networks discussed earlier, this network sells ED drugs such as Cialis, Levitra and Viagra, as well as tainted male enhancement pills and aphrodisiacs. Not to mention these prescription drugs are dangerous, male enhancement pills and aphrodisiac they sell also pose hazards to public safety. For example, the male enhancement pills named “威哥王 (wei ge wang),” which claim to be made of “natural” substances such as dried penis of deer, sheep and seal, and ginseng root, were found to contain sildenafil. Aphrodisiac “紅蜘蛛 (Benigumo),” which claims to be made of licorice and matrimony vine, was found to contain clozapine. Both sildenafil and clozapine are prescription drug ingredients, and are not allowed to be sold without doctor’s prescriptions.

LegitScript warns Japanese consumers to avoid purchasing healthcare products including medicines, aphrodisiacs and male enhancement supplements (and, also, counterfeit NY Yankees uniforms) from these China-based rogue Internet pharmacy websites.