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FTC doesn’t sugarcoat it: supplement marketer fined $2.2 mil for claiming products treat diabetes

The FTC isn’t sweet on marketers who claim that their dietary supplements treat and prevent diabetes. The Federal Trade Commission brought a case against Wellness Support Network, in connection with the sale of their products Diabetic Pack and Insulin Resistance Pack. Through, Wellness Support Network marketed the products as a “Diabetes Breakthrough” and a “clinically proven natural solution to diabetes with a 90% success rate.” Its website also included a number of testimonials, with claims such as “My blood sugar went from 230 to 117 in just 21 days” and “I was taking 50 units of insulin plus pills twice a day and my blood sugar just kept going up. Since I’ve been using the Diabetic Pack…I don’t take insulin any more!” WSN appears to operate a small network of websites, with several other domain names registered that are currently either dysfunctional or marketing other products besides dietary supplements.

A federal court ruled in favor of the FTC’s Motion for Summary Judgment, and found that these charlatans violated Section 5 of the FTC Act. It ordered them to pay nearly $2.2 million. Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, said it best: “Giving false hope to those who struggle with a serious illness is disgraceful, and the FTC is determined to ensure that deceptive marketers face the consequences.” To that, LegitScript says, “Huzzah!”