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LegitScript adds 1,000 rogue Internet pharmacies to database in January

The first of the year can be a slow period for many businesses, but Internet pharmacy criminal networks keep a steady pace. Throughout January, LegitScript’s analysts identified 1,075 Internet pharmacy websites that are potentially unsafe for Internet users and that we have designated as rogue. (We designated an additional 41 websites as unapproved, rather than rogue, Internet pharmacy websites.) Below are some of the “highlights.”

About 300 of the websites were on the spammy end of the spectrum, including:

  • 107 websites in the Personal Pharmacy/Pharmacy Holding network
  • 63 in the Online Pharm Stock Ltd. network
  • 45 websites
  • 38 GlavMed websites
  • 23 PharmacyExpress websites

Other large affiliate networks cranking out Internet pharmacy websites were:

  • Rx-Partners (227 websites)
  • TeraPharm (125 websites)
  • Pharmcash (53 websites)
  • Worldwide Drug Store (53 websites)

More than 100 rogue Internet pharmacies that we added to our database last month are in either Chinese, Japanese, or Russian. Nearly a dozen of the Japanese-language websites are part of the Roy Union Limited network.

Finally, our team of cybercrime analysts found about 30 new rogue Internet pharmacy websites last month that constitute three newly created networks in our database. Half of those websites are operated by “Cyber Health Products Limited” and offer prescription drugs, including controlled substances, for sale without requiring a prescription.