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More Rogues and Ninjas (Yes, Ninjas) Invade LegitScript Database

In February, LegitScript’s analysts added a staggering 2,232 rogue Internet pharmacies and 35 rogue steroid websites to our database. The Internet pharmacies include hundreds of Japanese-language websites and a significant number of .ru websites that have pharmaceutical content in English and are likely used in spam emails. Our Web-savvy team also recently came across two websites with relatively unseen domain names (more on that later).

Nearly 850 of the newly discovered Internet pharmacy websites came from the Rx-Partners and networks. Here is the breakdown of the largest groupings of new websites:

  • 633 Rx-Partners websites
  • 216 websites
  • 201 TeraPharm websites
  • 111 Roy Union Limited websites, targeting Japanese citizens
  • 105 Online Pharm Stock Ltd. websites
  • 89 Pharmcash websites
  • 86 websites affiliated with more than one rogue pharma program
  • 54 BestKusuri Internet pharmacies, also targeting Japan

Over the past month or so, we also detected a pair of ninjas sneaking around our database. The .ninja generic top-level domain (gTLD) became ICANN-approved and delegated to Demand Media in late 2013. Unveiled about a year ago, the .ninja gTLD is “a fun choice for web developers, game designers, software engineers and anyone looking for a domain name with attitude,” according to GoDaddy, one of the registrars selling .ninja domain names.

What did we find .ninja being used for in the healthcare product space? Meet, a website that refers visitors to illegal Internet pharmacies in a few networks (Rx-Partners, RxProfits) for "comparison shopping" purposes. Makes sense: crunching the numbers on ED drugs is just the type of activity that comes to mind whenever ninjas are involved.

levitra.ninjaAnother new domain name with the stealthiest of gTLDs is, apparently for ninjas who want to get swole. This website offers anabolic steroids and prescription drugs for sale without requiring a prescription and ships to countries worldwide.

LegitScript recommends steering clear of these two websites (and all ninjas, always).