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and Other High-Risk Merchants, yet another CIPA- and Pharmacy-Checker approved online pharmacy, ordered to shut down

CBC news in Canada reports today that the Manitoba College of Pharmacy, the pharmacy regulator in the province of Manitoba, has ordered to shut down. According to CBC:

"They're suggesting they're a pharmacy and [giving] people the impression that they are a pharmacy, [that] they're a Canadian pharmacy. They're not licensed in Manitoba," (said)…Ron Guse, registrar for the college, (who) ordered TotalCareMart to cease and desist.

The online pharmacy has long been PharmacyChecker- and CIPA-approved. Indeed, today’s news happened on the heels of the indictment of Ram Kamath, one of PharmacyChecker’s “key management,” who was arraigned last week on criminal charges related to the sale of counterfeit medicines to US residents.

PharmacyChecker’s verification information for, a screenshot of which is below, leads to two questions.

Screenshot 2015-08-31 10.17.03

First, this screenshot, taken today, says PharmacyChecker “last verified” in 2011 -- nearly four years ago. This  infrequent review of its certified pharmacies may be why there are so many Internet pharmacies getting indicted, convicted and doing things like selling controlled substances without a prescription that are able to get (and stay) PharmacyChecker approved.

Second, PharmacyChecker concedes that “other verified dispensing pharmacies” are in “New Zealand, Turkey, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand.”  But it identifies the “primary pharmacy” as being licensed by the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association — but then refuses to identify that pharmacy, stating that it is “Withheld at Member’s request.”

Why would any legitimate online pharmacy need to hide the identity of its pharmacy? And why would PharmacyChecker help conceal that important information from the public? Think about it: the nature of pharmacy practice is that it is regulated and transparent. A very interesting question is: If these “Canadian” pharmacies that are members of CIPA and approved by PharmacyChecker are supposedly Canadian, safe and legitimate, what’s to hide?