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(Not a) Surprise! Rogue Internet Pharmacy Run by Convicted Criminal

A convicted criminal is running an internet pharmacy based out of Vanuatu, a small island chain in the South Pacific that has been used as a conduit for illegal drug trafficking.

According to a publication by the official Pharmacy Council of New Zealand, Kerry Donald Bell, a former pharmacist and the operator of, was convicted in New Zealand in 2003 “in respect of 51 offences under the Medicines Act 1981.”

Bell pled guilty to charges which included:

  • Selling prescription medication from premises other than a pharmacy or hospital.
  • Selling prescription medicines without a registered medical practitioner’s prescription.
  • Publishing a medical advertisement that failed to include information required by regulators.

Excerpts from the disciplinary report by the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand shed further light on the severity of Bell’s misconduct, which they described as “completely inexcusable and constituted a flagrant disregard of the most basic tenets of the profession. The magnitude of Mr Bell’s ventures leaves no room for doubting Mr Bell chose to disregard his most elementary professional obligations … [and his] conduct was both cynical and calculated.”

LegitScript is already familiar with, which (in 2012) we classified as a rogue internet pharmacy and linked to other rogue pharmacies in a shared network. and its network compatriots dispense prescription-only medication without requiring a valid prescription to jurisdictions where they are not licensed to do so. They also offer products such as Kamagra, which is considered an unapproved, unlawful version of Viagra in multiple countries. The LegitScript abuse team has worked with registrars to shut down many of the websites in this network; however, some websites (such as and remain online.

More details can be found in the Vanuatu Daily Post article here.