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BestKenko, Part II: Boys and Their Toys

At The Cufflink Club, a trendy cocktail bar and hotspot for expats in Singapore, Yelp reviewers described buying a $28 drink (about $19 USD) called “Boys & Their Toys” with a toy soldier frozen into a giant ice cube. The Cufflink Club is a portfolio company of a Singapore investment group, Rajahblue Holdings. Rajahblue’s website states that it invests in a variety of businesses, including the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts (BAMMA) and a company called Scanpro Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Scanpro Pacific Pte. Ltd. has been listed on BestKenko websites as the distribution center for its drugs. But Scanpro Pacific Pte. Ltd. and Rajahblue Holdings appear to be more than just passive suppliers here. LegitScript’s review of current and historical business records and domain name registrations suggests that Rajahblue, several of its directors, and their business associates are, in fact, the main players behind BestKenko, the largest rogue internet pharmacy network targeting Japan.

As background, BestKenko has been around since 2009. Back then, it was known as BestKusuri. When we shut down a number of its websites in 2012, around the first time we publicly discussed the network’s connections to Singapore, it rebranded itself as BestKenko, although it still refers to its pet medication arm as PetKusuri. BestKenko has since added a “sister” human medicine group, Medicine Express, and a second pet medicine group, GenkiPet.

Three individuals who are connected to important BestKenko websites — websites such as those that process orders for illegal prescription drug sales — can also all be connected back to Rajahblue.

Mark Radford:

Key BestKenko websites, such as, have historically been registered to Mark Radford and the company name Bushido Enterprises, Ltd. — a connection that we blogged about back in 2012. The business name Bushido Enterprises, Ltd. has also been displayed on BestKenko websites and was used to register many BestKenko domain names. Radford, according to his own LinkedIn profile, is a director of Rajahblue.

Joel Devidal:

Another name that often shows up on BestKenko’s domain name registrations is Joel Devidal. Although Devidal doesn’t have any immediately obvious connections to Rajahblue, he’s a known business associate of Radford’s — they’ve partnered in ventures such as DialUsNow and Sakusen Investments, LLC.

Robin Scrimgeour:

The business names displayed on important BestKenko websites and domain name registrations can be traced back to an individual named Robin Scrimgeour. He registered businesses called Ichikado Ltd. and Ichikado Hong Kong, which were identified as the owners of the PetKusuri trademarks. Another company Scrimgeour registered, Sakura United, Ltd., was once displayed on as the owner name. And Robin Scrimgeour, like Mark Radford, identifies himself in his LinkedIn profile as a director of Rajahblue Holdings.

Radford, Devidal, and Scrimgeour’s business records show that they are Australian expats with addresses in Singapore. These individuals, who hide behind shell companies and the guise of an investment firm, appear to be investors in the rogue internet pharmacy business while they enjoy their simultaneous status as investors in ventures such as “Singapore’s #1 cocktail bar.” (Boys and their toys, indeed.)

In our blog post on BestKenko/BestKusuri in 2012, we wrote that the name Deepak Shinde and the company name Anagha Pharma Pvt. Ltd. appeared on domain name registrations for BestKenko websites shortly after we first noted the Singapore connections. Anagha Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is part of SAVA Global, a pharmaceutical distributor in India, which has, for years, supplied drugs to BestKenko and other rogue internet pharmacy networks worldwide. Although pharmaceutical suppliers don’t typically have centralized control over online pharmacy networks, we’ve found evidence that SAVA Global are partners of BestKenko rather than just clients.

In the next section, “Partners in Crime,” we’ll unpack the supply chain for BestKenko — including its relationship with SAVA Global. And we’ll dig into some new revelations from the Panama Papers that support our findings that BestKenko and SAVA Global have been partners in drug distribution.

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