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BestKenko, Part V: The (Familiar) Road Ahead

In this blog series, we have explored how BestKenko has thrived as the largest internet pharmacy network targeting Japan, where it is violating the law. It sells and markets unapproved drugs, does not require a valid prescription to purchase prescription drugs, and operates with an opaque and unregulated supply chain. Furthermore, it deceptively presents itself as legitimate to Japanese consumers by presenting a false interpretation of the country’s law concerning prescription drug importation.

The BestKenko network is still a major health risk for Japanese consumers. But we’ve shown that BestKenko doesn’t — in fact, can’t — operate in isolation. It relies on the services and cooperation of numerous other companies — the suppliers who partner with it to get unapproved drugs into Japan, the banks that maintain accounts that the money flows through, and the domain name registrars that shirk their legal responsibilities.

Actually, BestKenko bears some notable similarities to many of the faux-Canadian internet pharmacy networks that target the US. These networks, such as Solaris/Candrug, present themselves as Canadian to convince US customers that their drugs meet Canada’s safety standards, even though their drugs are actually sourced from countries such as India. Similarly, BestKenko presents itself as selling drugs that meet the US and Japanese safety standards, even though they market drugs that are unapproved neither in the US nor in Japan. In fact, SAVA Global and Alps Pharmacy, which have been intimately connected with BestKenko, are known to be suppliers for Solaris/Candrug and other internet pharmacy networks claiming to be Canadian.

Pharmaceutical suppliers, such as SAVA Global and Vaijanti Pharma, are a big part of the problem. In fact, SAVA Global has supplied drugs to faux-Canadian internet pharmacy networks such as CanadaDrugs, which was indicted in July 2015. SAVA Global and Vaijanti Pharma have partnered with BestKenko, as we have shown, to flout Japanese laws to make a profit.

BestKenko, like all internet pharmacy networks, relies on banks and domain name registrars that are willing to work with it. It presents a significant threat to Japanese public health, and remains a primary target for private sector and law enforcement action. LegitScript is committed to continuing to work with the public and private sector to shut down BestKenko’s rogue operations and promote consumer safety.

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