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LegitScript Emails Being Spoofed: Why You May Be Receiving Falsified Email Notifications

At LegitScript, we pride ourselves on helping to keep the internet safe. Last year alone, we worked closely with registrars to help take down more than 20,000 rogue internet pharmacy domain names in the interest of public health.

Unfortunately, our line of work sometimes makes us the target of bad actors — the same people who are willing to put others’ lives at risk for the sake of personal profit. In some cases, rogue internet pharmacies target their competitors’ websites, pretending to be LegitScript in order to take those websites offline.

Recently, we noticed the email address we use to send abuse notifications started being spoofed by an unknown person/party. Spoofing is a situation in which a person masquerades as another, under false pretense. Most of the emails look like standard abuse notifications. However, they are not accurate, nor constructed with the amount of care that is typical of the notifications we send. Other emails appear to contain scammy, spammy get-rich-quick type of content in German.

Imitation may be the best form of flattery. But nevertheless, we take these kinds of attacks very seriously, and investigations are underway to identify the perpetrators.

In the meantime, if you receive what looks like a spammy or suspicious abuse notification from LegitScript, please contact us or reach out directly to your LegitScript representative, and we will promptly follow up on the matter. We appreciate your patience as we get to the bottom of this.