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It’s deja vu all over again: yet another PharmacyChecker- and CIPA-approved online pharmacy isn’t really what it seems. TotalCareMart not really Canadian, ordered to shut down by Manitoba regulators.

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PharmacyChecker’s Tod Cooperman panics, claims “key manager” is only “consultant,” threatens libel suit

PharmacyChecker’s Tod Cooperman goes into panic mode, threatens media who have published information about indictment of one of his top people with a libel lawsuit. But in claiming that the indicted manager was just a “consultant,” is Cooperman lying?

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The federal indictment of CanadaDrugs, its employees and a PharmacyChecker employee exposes a conspiracy to sell US patients counterfeit drugs. Ten things you should know about CanadaDrugs and PharmacyChecker.

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LegitScript CEO’s Testimony Before US House Judiciary Committee on ICANN, Internet Pharmacy Crime, Momentous and Crazy8Domains

I testified before the US House Judiciary Committee today. The topic of the hearing: ICANN and how to ensure trust and accountability in the operation of the Internet. For those who are interested, my testimony is available on the US House Judiciary Committee website. I swung the bat pretty hard at ICANN Compliance, and highlighted…

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LegitScript Approves First Prescription Eyeglasses Website

LegitScript is pleased to announce that is now a LegitScript iCareRx certified prescription eyeglass retailer. LegitScript recently launched the iCareRx certification program for online eyeglass retailers, which aims to assist customers in finding safe and legitimate sellers of prescription eyeglasses.The online market for prescription eyeglasses is growing, with several online retailers to choose from — not all of which…

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Another PharmacyChecker-Approved Internet Pharmacy Gets Indicted

Yet another supposedly legitimate PharmacyChecker-approved Internet pharmacy gets indicted, underscoring the extent to which PharmacyChecker has been a critical partner in various allegedly illegal online pharmacies’ business and advertising strategies.

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LegitScript Releases Complimentary Internet Pharmacy Guide for Registrars and Registries

We’ve released a complimentary guide for domain name registrars and registries about how to respond to abuse complaints regarding rogue Internet pharmacies, including a summary of applicable laws and regulations in key countries around the world.

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About iCareRx, LegitScript’s New Certification Program for Eyeglass Sellers

If you have a valid prescription for eyeglasses and want to comparison shop and fill your prescription online, there are a number of websites where you can do so safely and legally.

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Asian Capital Equities Indictment Pulls Back Curtain on Fraud, Intimidation, Patient Deaths

The Asian Capital Equities indictment illustrates how rogue Internet pharmacy websites like don’t have patient safety at heart.

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My Twitter Spat With a Russian Rogue Internet Pharmacy Operator

Russian Internet pharmacy operator @raznoe, seemingly targeting Japanese citizens with substandard drugs via the BestKenko network, tries to rumble with LegitScript on Twitter. It doesn’t go so well for him.

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