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FTC pounds companies over false weight-loss claims in product advertising

As it kicked off the new year, the Federal Trade Commission made a resolution: no more bogus weight-loss claims! Operation Failed Resolution is the latest push in the FTC’s campaign against misleading advertising. As part of this effort, the FTC brought charges against four companies that promoted weight-loss products using deceptive and unfounded claims. The…

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New charity donations reflect LegitScript’s passions

Each year, LegitScript gives back to one or more nonprofit organizations whose services have an immeasurable impact on others or whose missions are aligned with the work we do. Our team, which has continued to grow over the past year, recently put our heads together to pick some worthy causes. The two groups we made…

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Snapshot (12/19/13): Over 900 rogue Internet pharmacies added to LegitScript database

On a daily basis, LegitScript cybercrime and healthcare product analysts add anywhere from a few dozen to a couple of thousand of healthcare product websites to our database, classified by website type (e.g., Internet pharmacy or dietary supplement website), legitimacy (rogue, unapproved, unverified or legitimate) and, where applicable, the criminal network in question. Here’s a…

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LegitScript study: 0.1% of Japanese Internet pharmacies comply with regulations

LegitScript recently concluded a study regarding the prevalence and nature of rogue Internet pharmacy websites targeting Japan — the world’s second-largest prescription drug market measured by country. In our study, which is based on data from early 2013, we look to the following two questions: What is the prevalence of rogue Internet pharmacy websites in…

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JCM Dropship Network rogue Internet pharmacies added to database

LegitScript just added a small rogue Internet pharmacy network to our database that we refer to as the “JCM Dropshop Rogue Internet pharmacy network.” Consisting of about a dozen websites, the network has been designated as “rogue” by LegitScript because they fail to comply with basic drug safety protections put in place to protect the…

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LegitScript: We’re hiring!

LegitScript is a great place to work, and we’re hiring! We’re looking for creative (quirky, even) people to help us make sense of the murky and fascinating world of pharmaceutical and drug-related cybercrime. Right now, we’re hiring for a few positions: Ruby on Rails Developer, Multilingual Analysts, and Legal Analyst. About LegitScript LegitScript is the…

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Irish registrar Blacknight partners with LegitScript

LegitScript is pleased to announce that Irish registrar Blacknight, which has a long history of aiding the fight against cybercrime, has partnered with LegitScript to ban rogue Internet pharmacies from using its registration services. The ICANN-accredited registrar and hosting service updated its terms of service to reflect the policy, under which it will suspend and…

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LegitScript partners with INTERPOL, Operation Pangea in shutting down rogue online pharmacies

LegitScript is pleased to join with INTERPOL, the US Food and Drug Administration, the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and more than 100 law enforcement and regulatory agencies in announcing the results of Operation Pangea, an “international week of action” aimed at reducing the threat posed by the sale of falsified medicines over…

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Got spam from LegitScript? Not us…but watch this space.

Got spam from LegitScript? We hate spam as much as you do, and it wasn’t us. (We promise.) In the last 24 hours, it appears that some of the world’s largest spam botnets have been reconfigured to make the spam appear as if it came from LegitScript. The spam definitely isn’t from our servers. However,…

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LegitScript supports .PHARMACY and .HEALTH gTLD applications

LegitScript is pleased to announce our support for two important gTLD applications: .pharmacy and .health. .PHARMACY. A common question that LegitScript gets is, How can I easily tell which Internet pharmacies are legitimate and which are not? True, one can check LegitScript’s database, or look to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s VIPPS list…

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