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More Rogues and Ninjas (Yes, Ninjas) Invade LegitScript Database

In February, LegitScript’s analysts added a staggering 2,232 rogue Internet pharmacies and 35 rogue steroid websites to our database. The Internet pharmacies include hundreds of Japanese-language websites and a significant number of .ru websites that have pharmaceutical content in English and are likely used in spam emails. Our Web-savvy team also recently came across two…

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LegitScript adds 1,000 rogue Internet pharmacies to database in January

The first of the year can be a slow period for many businesses, but Internet pharmacy criminal networks keep a steady pace. Throughout January, LegitScript’s analysts identified 1,075 Internet pharmacy websites that are potentially unsafe for Internet users and that we have designated as rogue. (We designated an additional 41 websites as unapproved, rather than…

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iPill Cash, Gym Pharma websites added to LegitScript database

LegitScript’s analysts recently identified two small Internet pharmacy networks operating illegally and targeting customers in the US, the UK and the EU. The first network is a new affiliate marketing program called iPill Cash that markets prescription drugs mainly to customers in the US and EU (without requiring a prescription, and without any pharmacy licenses).…

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LegitScript identifies new illicit Internet pharmacy networks

Reviewing online pharmacies with shared characteristics and website management, LegitScript recently uncovered several new Internet pharmacy networks that are not complying with basic drug safety protections. We do not recommend websites in the networks listed below, all of which are considered “rogue” for failing to meet the standards for the sale of medicines online. Quality…

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Edible Earth and other problematic products added to LegitScript database

Potentially harmful products such as edible clay and erectile dysfunction treatments have recently been added to LegitScript’s database in an effort to inform and protect consumers. They are as follows: Clay Products The medicinal clay dietary supplements listed below pose risks because of high levels of lead and arsenic. These supplements, marketed as able to aid in…

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Family fights pesticide marketed as weight loss aid after young woman’s death

A toxic substance that is used as a weight loss aid despite being banned for human consumption claimed the life of a 23-year-old woman last year, and her family is now seeking to make the substance illegal. Her death was the 63rd linked to DNP, a highly toxic industrial chemical used in pesticides. In response…

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Baidu, add checks of Internet pharmacies and drug authenticity to their search platforms

Two Chinese search engines, market leader Baidu and state-run, have recently taken steps to help Internet users identify counterfeit drugs and fraudulent online pharmacies. announced in late February that it created a platform,, that allows Chinese citizens to lodge complaints about inferior pharmaceutical products and services. Baidu followed that news by saying…

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Internet pharmacy sales land nine people in prison

Nine people were sentenced last month for their roles in illegally distributing controlled substances via Internet pharmacies. Collectively, the defendants forfeited $94 million from the sales of medications including diet pills like phentermine and anti-anxiety drugs such as Xanax and Valium. The convictions were the result of an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration. “Prescription…

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FDA cracks down on fraudulent flu treatments

In the thick of a rough flu season, the Food and Drug Administration has begun fighting off Internet sales of untested, unapproved flu treatments such as “generic Tamiflu” and dietary supplements that claim to prevent or treat influenza. The proliferation of these fraudulent products in online pharmacies in response to the current flu outbreak is…

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More slimming coffee and obesity tea added to LegitScript products database

Weight-loss supplements incorporating the words “coffee” and “tea” into their names continue to be marketed to consumers even though they might contain potentially harmful ingredients. Some haven’t been found to contain unapproved substances but merely imply that they cure obesity, which is an impermissible claim for a dietary supplement. We have recently added more of…

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