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The FBI’s Roots/Rand Pharmacy Bust: Why It’s Important

A couple of weeks ago, LegitScript’s President appeared on CNN to discuss what the news station described as the “Feds’ Crackdown on Online Pharmacies.” As noted in the story, the search warrants: … centered around two pharmacies, one in the Chicago suburb of Des Plaines, Illinois, and the other here in this small town south…

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Why won’t this “Canadian” Pharmacy ship to Canada?

Periodically, we get asked about the safety of Canadian Internet pharmacies. We recently ran across a website,, that illustrates our concerns pretty well. At first glance, looks like it must be a legitimate, safe Internet pharmacy. It says “All prescriptions dispensed by Granville Pharmacy,” and provides an address in British Columbia. It has…

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Russian rogue Internet pharmacy hacks US government website

As rogue Internet pharmacy networks become more sophisticated, even US government websites are at risk. Today, we’re taking a look at how a rogue Internet pharmacy linked to a criminal network operating out of Russia and Eastern Europe has hacked into a US government website. The Millennium Challenge Corporation, a US foreign aid agency, utilizes…

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Changes Coming to

LegitScript is in the process of making some changes to our website, and we’d like your input. Specifically, with regard to our new user accounts. Soon, users will have the ability to sign up for a LegitScript user account, with varying levels of membership. Different membership levels will have access to different information in our…

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LegitScript Applauds White House Intellectual Property Enforcement Strategy

Earlier today, the White House Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator’s Office released a strategy on Intellectual Property enforcement. The document addresses the problem of rogue Internet pharmacies, and suggests that the Obama Administration will bolster IP enforcement as another tool to address the problem. Traditionally, much of the approach regarding rogue Internet pharmacies has been on…

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LegitScript challenges 60 fraudulent .NAME Internet pharmacies

This week, LegitScript challenged several hundred domain name registrations used by Rogue Internet pharmacies. One of the interesting dimensions to this week’s suspension requests was a new focus on 60 .NAME domains. What makes .NAME domains unique and interesting? Unlike .com, .info or any other domain names, .NAME domains are only supposed to be used…

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Microsoft, Yahoo to require NABP/VIPPS approval for Internet pharmacy ads

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy announced today that, Microsoft’s decision engine, will now require Internet pharmacies and any other website that facilitates the sale of prescription drugs to be accredited by the NABP as part of its Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (“VIPPS”) program. In February, Google updated its ad policy, becoming…

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Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies formed; launches website

Today, the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies, a new coalition of organizations committed to Internet pharmacy safety, launched its website. LegitScript is a founding member of the organization. ASOP seeks to represent all stakeholders who have an interest in protecting patient safety by preventing access to illegal online drug sellers and ensuring patient access to…

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LegitScript, Web of Trust announce partnership

LegitScript is pleased to announce a partnership with Web of Trust (WOT), a leading community-based safe surfing tool. MyWot’s mission is to give Internet users an active voice in identifying websites that are unsafe, fraudulent, or otherwise pose a risk to Internet users. (Especially users of browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer may…

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Report: Registrars told about forged pharmacy licenses

                  Today, LegitScript released a collaborative report discussing notifications to five Domain Name Registrars whose paid registration services are being used by rogue Internet pharmacies. Eleven of the Registrars we notified acted to prevent the use of their registration services by these rogue Internet pharmacies. Five declined…

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