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A Different Perspective on the Reason for the Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act

There’s been a good amount of debate by respected bloggers (see, e.g., InternetDrugLaw and InternetPharmacyLaw about what the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Act, now on the President’s desk for signing, really means. Specifically, if this bill requires a prior in-person examination in order for a controlled substance prescription to be lawful, does that mean…

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Florida AG goes after

The Florida Attorney General announced a lawsuit against Internet pharmacy for engaging in a “bait and switch” scheme. (We put on our unapproved list some time ago.) According to WMBB News 13, the website’s fine print specified that if the prescription form wasn’t sent in within three days by the doctor, the website…

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LegitScript adds last online/offline functionality

LegitScript’s tech team just added a pretty cool little feature to our website: an indication of whether a particular online pharmacy is online or offline. Although it’s not particularly meaningful if looking at just one website (after all, you could just go to that website to see if it’s online or not), it’s a really…

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President Awaiting New Online Pharmacy Legislation

The Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act just passed the House and will hit the Senate (very likely a pro forma vote) before going to the President’s desk for his signature. For those hoping for a veto: No chance. President Bush will sign the bill. Top officials at the DEA, ONDCP and FDA started…

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Doctor loses license for online consultations for Soma, Tramadol, Fioricet

Want evidence that prescriptions based solely on an online consultation aren’t legal? Look to the New York Dept. of Health’s decision last week revoking the medical license of Dr. Joyce Wong Buckley. What did (former) Dr. Buckley do? It would appear that writing prescriptions for an Internet pharmacy’s customers without ever physically examining them can…

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425 Affiliate Pharmacy Network rogue websites added

We just added 425 rogue Internet pharmacies that are all affiliates of Affiliate Pharmacy Network, a rogue Internet pharmacy network. Why do we feel comfortable labeling those websites as rogue Internet pharmacies? It’s pretty straightforward: The websites offer prescription drugs without requiring any prescription at all. There’s not even a pretense at an “online consultation.”…

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Government says just 0.5% of Prescription Drug Abuse due to Internet. Why that’s wrong

Every year, the federal government releases a report, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, that estimates the number of drug abusers in the United States, and which drugs are most commonly abused. The report, which is the single most important document used to determine our nation’s priorities in the War on Drugs, was…

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Inside Scoop: Congress moving forward on Internet pharmacy legislation today

The House Energy and Commerce committee is moving forward on the HR 6353, otherwise known as the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act, this very morning. The inside scoop: it’s likely to pass and be on the President’s desk by the end of the month, or early next. LegitScript supports the legislation. However, we’re…

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Fifty new rogue Internet pharmacies added today

We uploaded fifty new “rogue” online pharmacies this morning. These websites, which include winners like, and are all part of the same international criminal network. These websites are low-hanging fruit: if you’ve received spam for Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, or any number of other drugs recently from an Internet pharmacy, chances are that…

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Ranbaxy, the FDA and rogue online pharmacies

Here’s some news: the FDA has blocked imports of some generic prescription drugs from Ranbaxy Laboratories in India, the world’s largest generic manufacturer. According to the Boston Globe. FDA inspections earlier this year found violations that could lead to contamination, allergic reactions, and other problems, and the company hasn’t taken proper steps to correct them,…

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