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New Internet Pharmacy Law Blog Makes Debut

Benjamin Gluck of the Bird Marella law firm launched a blog back in May that’s a welcome addition to serious discourse on the Internet related to online pharmacies. Those concerned with online pharmacies might disagree with Mr. Gluck’s approach, as he defends (often successfully, we might add!) online pharmacy operators and associates accused of violating…

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Hogan’s Pharmacy ( Indicted, but the network survives?

Yesterday, Kansas Attorney General Steve Six announced an indictment against Hogan’s Pharmacy owners Jolane and Mark Poindexter, and against pharmacist Rick Kloxin, for purchases from, for “distributing prescription-only drugs to people throughout the United States based upon questionnaires customers completed via the Internet.” LegitScript thinks that there may be more to the story.…

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Study: Kids think Rx drugs easier to get than beer

A study released by CasaColumbia indicates that US youth perceive prescription drugs as easier to obtain (without a prescription) than beer. As reported by the Washington Post. Nineteen percent of teenagers found it easier to purchase prescription drugs than cigarettes, beer or marijuana, compared with 13 percent a year ago. A quarter of the teens…

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Study: 3 out of 4 using Internet for health info

A survey by the Pew Internet Project indicates that 75% of the US public uses the Internet as a resource for health information. The report also indicates that as much as 10% of the American public uses the Internet to find health information each day. The report’s author also said something that hints, we think,…

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LegitScript gets NY Times mention

The NY Times gave a brief shout-out to LegitScript’s and Knujon’s report about the availability of anabolic steroids online. The article said: “A new report by two Internet watchdog groups has identified hundreds of Web sites that illegally sell anabolic steroids without prescriptions or verifying the age of customers. The report, Pumped Up on the…

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PUMPED UP ON THE INTERNET: The Illicit Online Sale of Anabolic Steroids

Today, and teamed up to release a groundbreaking report about steroid abuse. You can download the full report here. Our report explains why these sites are illegal, why the domain name registrars are contractually able (and in some cases, bound) to take the sites down, and what’s at risk. We’ll blog more about…

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New: LegitScript’s Pharmacy Finder

Today, we are releasing the beta version of our Pharmacy Finder — a “closed universe” search engine that lets you find the right online pharmacy for you. The criteria that you can use to narrow down the field: # The state that the pharmacy is licensed in. # The kind of pharmacy you are looking…

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LegitScript highlighted in national report

LegitScript was highlighted today in a national report on prescription drug abuse via the Internet. The report is by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, and mentioned LegitScript as one of a handful of organizations working to address the problem of “rogue Internet pharmacies.” Thanks for the shout-out, CASA!

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LegitScript on Anderson Cooper 360

LegitScript was invited to appear on Anderson Cooper (CNN) last night. The clip is here. (Go to minute 13…it’s at about 13:30 or so.) We talked about rogue Internet pharmacies, and how easy it is even for kids to get prescription drugs without a prescription. (If you need to talk to your kids about this,…

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LegitScript Gets on the Radio

LegitScript was invited to appear on the Prescription Addiction Radio show, a new weekly show in Tampa Bay, Florida, last night. You can download the file to listen to here. It was a good discussion: LegitScript’s President pointed out some of the bad business practices engaged in by rogue Internet pharmacies that are dangerous, and…

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