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Rogue pharmacies identified 10/8-10/12

Last week, LegitScript added 349 websites to the database, 94% of which were rogue pharmacies or steroid sellers. The top two registrars of these new domain names were, with 108 websites, and ABSystems, with 61. (As previously noted in this blog, is doing an outstanding job with Internet compliance related to online pharmacies,…

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Real or rogue? Ask LegitScript’s team

Quite often, LegitScript receives feedback via our website from people reporting rogue Internet pharmacies or ones that seem illicit. Recently, the website was submitted to LegitScript by a member of the public who asked whether it was legitimate. In short, no — is not a legitimate Internet pharmacy. Here are the reasons this website…

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Rogue pharmacies identified 10/1-10/5

LegitScript’s analysts added 375 websites to the database last week. We identified more than 130 websites with Russian registrars, with the three most active being (47 sites), NAUNET-REG (34) and R01-Reg (27). More than one-third of all the sites added, nearly all of which are rogue pharmacies, have Russian registrars. Not surprisingly, the Russian networks…

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Rogue pharmacies identified 9/24-9/28

LegitScript’s analysts added 568 websites — 96% of which are rogue pharmacies — to the database between Sept. 24 and 28. Rogue registrar ABSystems is responsible for 53.9% of the sites, and all but two of those belong to the Pill Program network of rogue Internet pharmacies. The next most popular registrar has a relatively…

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Designer drugs under scrutiny in the online marketplace

After banning opiates in the 1920s, the United States saw the manufacturing of “designer drugs,” products intended to imitate opiates’ psychosomatic effects, for the first time. These products — which today include dried plant material sprayed with chemicals, synthetic hallucinogens and cathinones, opiate chemical compounds and other potentially fatal substances — have now been banned…

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Rogue online pharmacies identified 9/17-9/21

LegitScript staff identified 132 rogue Internet pharmacies between Sept. 17 and 21. The biggest network showing is Rx-Partners, with 32 new pharmacies added to our database. Interestingly, 13 of those Rx-Partners websites — all selling erectile dysfunction drugs — were registered by the same person or people through, a Canadian domain name registrar, on…

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Buying abortion pills online carries risks

A recent article in The Irish Independent warns women of the dangers of buying so-called abortion pills online, citing the bleeding, infection and other risks of the unsupervised use of these drugs, known as abortifacients. In my work as a certified obstetrics registered nurse and part-time analyst for LegitScript, this issue has recently caught my attention.…

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Is It Safe? Introducing LegitScript Healthcare Product Search

Ever wonder if those diet pills you saw advertised online are safe? What about the “100% natural sexual enhancement” supplements? Now there’s a place you can go to find out. LegitScript is pleased to roll out a new search feature (in beta): LegitScript Healthcare Product Search, available on our home page. This is the world’s…

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LegitScript profiled in The Oregonian

A couple of weeks ago, The Oregonian profiled LegitScript in an article entitled, “Portland firm watchdogs online pharmacies for investigators and firms like Google.” The article began by profiling Patricia Parks, a patient on Social Security who watches every dollar. Ms. Parks isn’t the first we’ve heard about who has ordered from, a rogue…

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Following LegitScript’s report from earlier this week, in which ICANN-accredited was identified as helping undercover researchers posing as a rogue online pharmacy network register domain names to sell fake medicines and prescription drugs without a prescription, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), which represents pharmacy regulators in the US, Canada, Australia, New…

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