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FTC doesn’t sugarcoat it: supplement marketer fined $2.2 mil for claiming products treat diabetes

The FTC isn’t sweet on marketers who claim that their dietary supplements treat and prevent diabetes. The Federal Trade Commission brought a case against Wellness Support Network, in connection with the sale of their products Diabetic Pack and Insulin Resistance Pack. Through, Wellness Support Network marketed the products as a “Diabetes Breakthrough” and a…

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Maine gets tough on Canada Health Solutions online pharmacy

The Maine Board of Pharmacy has directed the state’s attorney general to formally investigate and to send a cease-and-desist letter to the company behind it, an Internet pharmacy network referred to as Canada Health Solutions. Last week, the board unanimously agreed that violates state law by marketing low-cost prescription drugs to residents. The…

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LegitScript supports medical board group’s proposed standards for telemedicine websites

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) recently issued a proposed Model Policy for the Appropriate Use of Telemedicine Technologies in the Practice of Medicine. This policy, drafted by the group’s Appropriate Regulation of Telemedicine (SMART) Workgroup, is set to be reviewed — and, we hope, approved — this week at FSMB’s annual meeting. LegitScript strongly…

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‘Canadian’ Internet pharmacies banking on consumers taking them at face value

The business model for illicit Internet pharmacies, like that of any con game, depends on customers not asking too many inconvenient questions. “Why are these medications so cheap?” “Where do these medications come from?” “This seems too good to be true; what’s the catch?” The biggest threat to illicit Internet pharmacies does not come from…

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LegitScript recognized in congressional hearing on illegal drug supply

The House Energy & Commerce Committee hosted a subcommittee hearing last month on fighting illegal drug supply chains, including rogue Internet pharmacies. We were pleased that LegitScript was mentioned as part of the solution on multiple occasions. In his opening statement, subcommittee Chairman Tim Murphy quoted statistics from LegitScript including: nearly 97 percent of Internet “pharmacy”…

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LegitScript joins i2Coalition, continuing push for effective anti-abuse strategies

Note: This post originally appeared on We are excited to be on board in supporting i2Coalition in its mission to foster the growth and success of the Internet and the infrastructure industry. At LegitScript, we spend a lot of time fighting the underbelly of the Internet: rogue Internet pharmacies selling Vicodin or other drugs…

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iPill Cash, Gym Pharma websites added to LegitScript database

LegitScript’s analysts recently identified two small Internet pharmacy networks operating illegally and targeting customers in the US, the UK and the EU. The first network is a new affiliate marketing program called iPill Cash that markets prescription drugs mainly to customers in the US and EU (without requiring a prescription, and without any pharmacy licenses).…

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It’s a dangerous supplement world out there

We’ve posted cautionary tales on certain dietary supplements here and here. Unfortunately, it’s time for another blog about the dangers lurking behind the seemingly innocent dietary supplements claiming to help you lose weight or treat your erectile dysfunction. Just this week, the US FDA published nine new warnings regarding tainted weight loss and erectile dysfunction…

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FTC pounds companies over false weight-loss claims in product advertising

As it kicked off the new year, the Federal Trade Commission made a resolution: no more bogus weight-loss claims! Operation Failed Resolution is the latest push in the FTC’s campaign against misleading advertising. As part of this effort, the FTC brought charges against four companies that promoted weight-loss products using deceptive and unfounded claims. The…

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New charity donations reflect LegitScript’s passions

Each year, LegitScript gives back to one or more nonprofit organizations whose services have an immeasurable impact on others or whose missions are aligned with the work we do. Our team, which has continued to grow over the past year, recently put our heads together to pick some worthy causes. The two groups we made…

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