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After LegitScript blog, and go offline

A few days ago, we blogged about inaccurate information posted on, a self-described affiliate of long-time rogue Internet pharmacy Just a few hours after we posted this information, both websites were taken offline, and‘s domain name registration information was edited. The background., which has long been a highly visible Internet pharmacy, initially […]

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Getting off LegitScript’s “rogue” list – it isn’t difficult

If you’re an Internet pharmacy and are on LegitScript’s “rogue” (or, alternatively, “unapproved”) Internet pharmacy list, how can you get off it? It’s not hard. You just need to be in compliance with the laws and regulations where you operate, and anywhere that you offer to ship prescription drugs to. Let’s say that you are […]

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LegitScript has designated as a rogue Internet pharmacy. Among many other reasons, the website is falsely implying that compliant with standards required by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). The NABP is the impartial organization that represents pharmacy regulators (Boards and Colleges of Pharmacy) in the US, Canada and their counterparts in […]

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USAToday article references 33 Drugs affiliate

A USAToday article referenced a 33 Drugs marketing affiliate,, in discussing rogue online pharmacies. As we commonly see, “Carl” of claimed that his website was legitimate: “…a representative from one U.K. and Canadian-based online pharmacy,, maintained its products were legitimate, and said it required faxed prescriptions from consumers. The manager, who said […]

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LegitScript on CircleID: Implications of Google-USDOJ settlement for Registrars

Note: This blog was originally posted on, a popular blog and forum dealing with Internet infrastructure. In the wake of Google’s settlement with the Department of Justice for permitting advertising by illegal online pharmacies, what are the legal implications for Domain Name Registrars and ISPs in the US and elsewhere? In short, if you’re a […]

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Internet pharmacies added to LegitScript 08-18-2011 through 08-22-2011

LegitScript added the following Internet pharmacies to our database on August 18th through 23rd: most are rogue, while a few are unapproved or unverified. Interesting to see rogue Internet pharmacies like, an affiliate of Private-Partners, a criminal network that has pretended to be inactive but is still in operation. Name Approval Network rogue […]

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Rogue Online Pharmacies and the Japanese Market

Japanese law states that it’s illegal to sell prescription drugs without a valid prescription. (Article 49, Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.) Like most places, a physician must examine the patient before issuing a prescription. (Article 20, Medical Practitioners Law.)

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New rogue online pharmacies identified 8/16-8/17

LegitScript staff identified the following rogue Internet pharmacies on the 16th and 17th of August. (Several of these are thanks to notifications visitors to Thanks!) Internet users should be advised not to use these Internet pharmacies, which sell unregulated medicines, do not require a prescription, and are not duly licensed pharmacies. As indicated below, […]

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Internet pharmacies added to LegitScript database 8/15/11

Virtually every day, LegitScript staff review dozens or even hundreds of Internet pharmacies and add them to our database. In some cases, we report those websites that are “rogue” to advertising programs (if applicable); other times, we report them to Registrars and ISPs. Yesterday, we added 113 pharmacy websites to LegitScript’s database — a fairly […]

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Internet pharmacy news roundup

Quite a bit going on in the Internet pharmacy world…and a few things are new on the website as well. Here’s a smattering of news and updates. We’ve made a few small changes on over the last few days. The most relevant one for our users is that the affiliate network that an […]

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