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Study: LegitScript partnership with registrars works

Intervening at the registrar level to battle spam and Internet scams is an effective tactic, but one that requires “highly focused organizations that work diligently to discover new domains and also can establish credibility or effective pressure across registrars,” researchers concluded in a new study. Citing work done between LegitScript and major domain name registrar…

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Buying abortion pills online carries risks

A recent article in The Irish Independent warns women of the dangers of buying so-called abortion pills online, citing the bleeding, infection and other risks of the unsupervised use of these drugs, known as abortifacients. In my work as a certified obstetrics registered nurse and part-time analyst for LegitScript, this issue has recently caught my attention.…

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Online pharmacy scams: An aging population may be more susceptible

New research suggests that after age 60, the part of our brain that allows us to detect fraud and deceptive advertising begins to deteriorate. Damage to the prefrontal cortex removes the second in a two-step process of “seeing and believing” and then letting doubt sink in. A study released this summer and reported by The Oregonian…

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ADDTabz ‘study drug’ ad: There’s a learning curve at the Harvard Crimson

Harvard’s student newspaper garnered criticism this week for hosting an ad on its website for an “Adderall alternative,” aimed at students seeking a study aid from a bottle. The Harvard Crimson, which pulled the ad after it caught the attention of some bloggers, had been plugging ADDTabz, a product from Gentech Pharmaceutical that claims it…

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Got spam from LegitScript? Not us…but watch this space.

Got spam from LegitScript? We hate spam as much as you do, and it wasn’t us. (We promise.) In the last 24 hours, it appears that some of the world’s largest spam botnets have been reconfigured to make the spam appear as if it came from LegitScript. The spam definitely isn’t from our servers. However,…

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Viamax Pure Powder, Natural Vigor Maximum, and other problematic supplements added to LegitScript’s database

LegitScript is expanding our database daily to make sure we’re one of the most comprehensive sources for health product information anywhere. Recently, we uploaded over 180 products to the database, as either per se problematic, context dependent, or as a psychoactive high. (Read about our classifications and designations on our earlier blog introducing LegitScript Healthcare…

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LegitScript supports .PHARMACY and .HEALTH gTLD applications

LegitScript is pleased to announce our support for two important gTLD applications: .pharmacy and .health. .PHARMACY. A common question that LegitScript gets is, How can I easily tell which Internet pharmacies are legitimate and which are not? True, one can check LegitScript’s database, or look to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s VIPPS list…

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Is It Safe? Introducing LegitScript Healthcare Product Search

Ever wonder if those diet pills you saw advertised online are safe? What about the “100% natural sexual enhancement” supplements? Now there’s a place you can go to find out. LegitScript is pleased to roll out a new search feature (in beta): LegitScript Healthcare Product Search, available on our home page. This is the world’s…

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LegitScript profiled in The Oregonian

A couple of weeks ago, The Oregonian profiled LegitScript in an article entitled, “Portland firm watchdogs online pharmacies for investigators and firms like Google.” The article began by profiling Patricia Parks, a patient on Social Security who watches every dollar. Ms. Parks isn’t the first we’ve heard about who has ordered from, a rogue…

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LegitScript’s New Website

As you might have noticed, LegitScript just got a makeover. We are very excited to launch our new and improved website, at the same URL: (The blog is spruced up, too). We hope that the new site offers a more interactive and user-friendly experience for our visitors. A couple of highlights are the new…

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