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LegitScript highlighted in national report

LegitScript was highlighted today in a national report on prescription drug abuse via the Internet. The report is by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, and mentioned LegitScript as one of a handful of organizations working to address the problem of “rogue Internet pharmacies.” Thanks for the shout-out, CASA!

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LegitScript on Anderson Cooper 360

LegitScript was invited to appear on Anderson Cooper (CNN) last night. The clip is here. (Go to minute 13…it’s at about 13:30 or so.) We talked about rogue Internet pharmacies, and how easy it is even for kids to get prescription drugs without a prescription. (If you need to talk to your kids about this,…

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LegitScript Gets on the Radio

LegitScript was invited to appear on the Prescription Addiction Radio show, a new weekly show in Tampa Bay, Florida, last night. You can download the file to listen to here. It was a good discussion: LegitScript’s President pointed out some of the bad business practices engaged in by rogue Internet pharmacies that are dangerous, and…

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And…’s pharmacy Web site gets LegitScript-verified

LegitScript is glad to welcome to our approved list of pharmacy Web sites. Costco is licensed and in good standing in all 50 states. Costco’s pharmacy Web site is a good example of a national, well-known chain drug store that most certainly meets our definition of a legitimate Internet pharmacy. (But we recognize the…

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LegitScript welcomes The Apothecary Shops (dot com!)

LegitScript is happy to welcome two Web sites to our legitimate list: and (SmartScript is the refill site for The Apothecary Shops.) The Apothecary Shops is the first compounding pharmacy that LegitScript has listed on our legit list. We took a careful look at their Web site, their operations, their licenses, their DEA…

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Approaching 500: Winning the Rogue Internet Pharmacy Contest

To date, we’ve identified nearly 500 pharmacy Web sites that do not meet our standards Of these, we’ve also classified quite a few as “rogue” Internet pharmacies — the worst of the worst. These aren’t pharmacy Web sites that are non-compliant with our standards on a technicality. Rather, they are (for example), located outside of…

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Is it Legit? How to use the big blue box on our home page

Confused about how to use our home page? LegitScript’s core functionality involves our “Pharmacy Validator,” a search engine on our home page that looks through the 600+ pharmacies in our database and returns information about the Internet pharmacy’s legitimacy. We’ve tried to make it as intuitive as possible: if you want to check out,…

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CNN, getting it right: The “online consultations” scam

CNN has been doing a pretty good job of digging into the issue of “online consultations.” CNN’s article last week a woman whose husband died after overdosing on Soma, a drug acquired from an online pharmacy. CNN got the issue right: it’s not that the drugs came from an Internet pharmacy, but that they were…

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Ready, Aim…Launch LegitScript

At LegitScript, we’re pretty excited. Last week, we launched our Internet pharmacy verification program. There’s nothing quite like it out there: a comprehensive database that allows consumers and businesses to determine whether an Internet pharmacy is legitimate or not. Why are we qualified to determine which Internet pharmacies are legit? One reason is that our…

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