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LegitScript’s State of the Internet Rx Market Illuminates Challenges, Opportunities

LegitScript’s mission is to leave the Internet better than we found it, by helping make it safer, more transparent, and more independent. Much of what we do is in the online healthcare space, where we try to make the Internet pharmacy and health product markets safer and more transparent both for individuals and for businesses.…

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MottoNetwork, PGW Management, EuroMedOnline implicated in multimillion-dollar online drug sales scheme

Ten people — two pharmacists, three physicians and five website operators — were indicted last week in a scheme to sell prescription drugs over the Internet without a valid prescription. The pharmacists, operating from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, are said to have made at least $13 million in the scheme, which began in 2010 and involved…

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Rogue pharmacies identified 11/5-11/9

There were 254 new entries to LegitScript’s database of pharmacy websites for the week of Nov. 5. Most of the sites are unapproved or rogue Internet pharmacies, and once again, ABSystems, dba, is at the top of the rogues list. Its registration services were used for 49 of the 254 domain names. LegitScript will…

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Rogue pharmacies identified 10/29-11/2

LegitScript’s analysts added 407 unapproved Internet pharmacies to our database last week. Of those websites, all but nine are also classified as rogue Internet pharmacies. ABSystems, a “rogue registrar” that is inextricably linked with the RxPayouts Internet pharmacy network, accounts for 28 percent of the domain names that are new to our database, and the majority of…

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NABP report touts global approach in fighting rogue Internet pharmacies

A global collaboration is gaining steam in taking rogue Internet pharmacies offline, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy said in a report released today. In its progress report for state and federal regulators — which can be read in full here — NABP showed that the circle of concern among private and public groups…

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Rogues and Registrars: Top 10 List (October 2012)

On a periodic basis (we’ll aim for monthly), LegitScript will be releasing data on the top registrars serving as domain name registration platforms for rogue Internet pharmacies. These rankings are based on LegitScript’s global database of Internet pharmacies, which (as far as we know) is the largest such database in the world. LegitScript posts this…

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Updated: LegitScript notifies Chinese registrars about rogue Internet pharmacies

LegitScript recently reviewed rogue Internet pharmacies with domain names registered at 0101 Domain Inc. and BizCN; of these, we submitted 474 to 0101 Domain Inc. and 387 to BizCN. We requested that the registrars suspend those rogue Internet pharmacy domain names immediately. LegitScript’s sense is that the people who operate Internet pharmacies targeting the US, EU,…

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Japan, like the United States and EU, is a major target of unregulated prescription drug suppliers, with Japan’s pharmaceutical market the second largest in the world (the US is first). A few weeks ago, LegitScript shut down, one of the major rogue Internet pharmacies targeting Japan. Among other concerns, websites in the BestKusuri network…

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Rogue pharmacies identified 10/8-10/12

Last week, LegitScript added 349 websites to the database, 94% of which were rogue pharmacies or steroid sellers. The top two registrars of these new domain names were, with 108 websites, and ABSystems, with 61. (As previously noted in this blog, is doing an outstanding job with Internet compliance related to online pharmacies,…

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CashAdmin rogue pharmacy network calls it quits

The rogue Internet pharmacy network CashAdmin, which encompasses the Generic4All websites, has thrown in the towel, stating that the so-called Rx industry “has become impossible to manage and maintain.” The people behind this network made the decision after repeatedly having their payment processing disrupted. During Operation Pangea, LegitScript worked with our law enforcement partners and…

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