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Uncovering Blatant Forgeries: Rogue Pharmacies Take Creative License with Public Health

As part of LegitScript’s mission to make the internet safer and more transparent, our analysts regularly submit notifications about illicit internet pharmacies to domain name registrars. Operators of these problematic websites are welcome to appeal our designation of “rogue pharmacy.” The first step is to provide a valid pharmacy license for each jurisdiction the website…

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New .health Domain Extension Introduced

This week, dotHealth launched the .health domain extension. This is exciting news for the medical industry and consumers. The .health domain will help to provide an easily identifiable place for internet users who are seeking trusted health information online — similar to that of .edu (for education), .org (for non-profit organizations), and .pharmacy (for certified…

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LegitScript Enforcement Efforts: 14,000 Domain Names Shuttered in 2016 (So Far!)

LegitScript tracks trends in the illicit internet pharmacy market on a daily basis, and this includes monitoring the thousands upon thousands of domain names that are used to sell drugs illegally. Considering the mercurial nature of the internet and the frequency of rogue internet pharmacy operators switching criminal network affiliations, abandoning domain names, and transferring…

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Download the English report. 日本語のレポートはこちらからダウンロードできます。 弊社レジットスクリプトは公共の安全を守る世界規模の活動として、ドメイン名レジストラに無規制で危険な医薬品を販売するサイバー犯罪を行うウェブサイトを閉鎖するように要請を行っています。ウェブサイトにドメイン名を提供する「ドメイン名レジストラ会社」は世界に約千社ほど存在します。その大多数は弊社が通知する不正インターネット薬局ウェブサイトを積極的に閉鎖し、インターネットの安全性を高める事に貢献しています。 しかしながら、少数のレジストラは、危険な医薬品を販売するウェブサイトを閉鎖しません。

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LegitScript Issues Report on GMO Internet and its Relationship with Illegal Online Drug Marketers

Download the English report. 日本語のレポートはここです。 LegitScript seeks to help protect public health on a global scale by notifying domain name registrars about cybercriminals selling unregulated, often unsafe medicines. Most of the world’s ~1,000 domain name registrars terminate services to these “rogue Internet pharmacies,” thus shutting down the websites and making the Internet safer. But a…

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Irish registrar Blacknight partners with LegitScript

LegitScript is pleased to announce that Irish registrar Blacknight, which has a long history of aiding the fight against cybercrime, has partnered with LegitScript to ban rogue Internet pharmacies from using its registration services. The ICANN-accredited registrar and hosting service updated its terms of service to reflect the policy, under which it will suspend and…

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