Are you a merchant that sells healthcare products such as dietary supplements, cosmetics, or OTC medicines? Address potential compliance issues that can interrupt your advertising campaigns with LegitScript’s Advertising Audits.

The Advertising Audit Process

  1. Apply. Submit the application and applicable fee.
  2. Review. LegitScript will review your website for global “Red Flag” products to look for impermissible ingredients or tainted products. We also perform a review of marketing claims and identify potential problematic claims, or “Yellow Flag,” products.
  3. Report. LegitScript will provide a written summary of products and examples of claims that are out of compliance and let you know whether your website needs major, moderate, or minor changes to avoid advertising issues and/or regulatory risk going forward.
  4. Follow Up. LegitScript will be available to answer a limited number of follow up questions.

What are the benefits?

LegitScript’s Advertising Audits help merchants address potential advertising and compliance issues, and have several important benefits:

  • Guided Compliance: LegitScript will use its in-depth expertise to shine a light on problematic claims and products so you know where to focus your remediation efforts.
  • Advertising Assistance: By addressing all of the issues identified in the advertising audit, you should see a marked decrease in advertising interruptions. While LegitScript cannot guarantee that an advertising account will not be flagged, participation in the program should decrease the incidence of flagging/account suspension by search engines.

I am an acquiring bank or ISO. How do I direct my merchants to you?

Acquiring banks and ISO’s may refer their merchants to LegitScript. This may either be done by having merchants apply themselves, or by participating in LegitScript’s Merchant Monitoring program. For more information on LegitScript’s solutions for acquiring banks please contact us.

Advertising Audit Pricing

Pricing starts at $1,995 per audit, and is based on the number of products offered on your website. This pricing is subject to change, in LegitScript’s discretion.

Ready to participate?

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