Are you a merchant that sells healthcare products such as dietary supplements, cosmetics, or OTC medicines? Let the world know that you operate safely and legally by participating in LegitScript’s Voluntary Compliance Program!

The VCP Process

  1. Apply. Submit the application and applicable fees. LegitScript will conduct an initial review to determine eligibility for the VCP.
  2. Review. LegitScript will then review your website for global “Red Flag” products to look for impermissible ingredients or tainted products. We also do a deep dive on your marketing claims and identify potential problematic claims, or “Yellow Flag” products.
  3. Evaluate. We evaluate whether your website needs major, moderate, or minor changes to come into compliance with applicable regulations and policies. LegitScript sends a summary of products and examples of claims that are out of compliance.
  4. Assist. After initial review, we will assist you in bringing your website into compliance (to a standard of “very minor modifications”), at which point the merchant enters LegitScript’s “ongoing monitoring” phase of the VCP.
  5. Monitor. Ongoing monitoring is a monthly review that ensures your website remains in compliance going forward. If any Red Flag or Yellow Flag products are found, we will notify you, so that you have an opportunity to remediate.

What are the benefits?

LegitScript’s VCP offers LegitScript’s in-depth expertise to assist merchants in complying with applicable regulations and policies, and has several important benefits:

  • Ongoing monitoring on LegitScript.com and grace period. Merchants that successfully complete an initial website review enter into the ongoing monitoring phase. Entering into this phase will help ensure that your website remains compliant with applicable laws, regulations, and advertising policies. And best of all–we’ll let you know first if we see problematic claims on your website.
  • Public listing on legitscript.com and the VCP seal. Once you enter into the ongoing monitoring phase, your website will be listed on LegitScript’s public website with a legitimacy classification that reflects participation in the VCP. You will also receive a dynamic seal for your website that links back to the LegitScript classification. This provides a clear signal to advertising platforms, banks, and most importantly, your customers, that your website operates in compliance.
  • Help with advertising issues. So long as you are enrolled in the VCP and in good standing, LegitScript will reach out to search engine platforms on the merchant’s behalf regarding advertising issues that are related to problematic products or claims. While LegitScript cannot guarantee that a merchant account will not be flagged, participation in the program should decrease the incidence of flagging/account suspension by search engines.
  • Easier to obtain a merchant account. Many banks and payment processors rely on our expertise, and participation in our program signals an ongoing commitment to compliance, which should assist in the underwriting process in obtaining merchant accounts.

I am an acquiring bank or ISO. How do I direct my merchants to you?

Acquiring banks and ISO’s may refer their merchants to LegitScript to enroll in the Voluntary Compliance Program. This may either be done by having merchants apply themselves, or by participating in LegitScript’s Merchant Monitoring program. For more information on LegitScript’s solutions for acquiring banks please contact us.

VCP Pricing

The pricing structure for the Voluntary Compliance Program is based on the number of products offered on your website. There is an entry/annual and monthly fee. Ongoing monitoring is required to maintain the “monitored” designation on LegitScript’s public website. This pricing is subject to change, in LegitScript’s discretion.

Products Annual Fee Monthly Fee
1–5 $249 $99
6–10 $495 $149
11–25 $995 $199
26–50 $1,995 $249
51–100 $3,995 $299
101+ custom custom

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