Why did Family First Intervention choose LegitScript Certification?

Family First Intervention’s president and founder, Mike Loverde, explains how LegitScript certification has helped his addiction treatment business. Family First Intervention provides intervention services provided by a staff of accredited drug and alcohol interventionist specialists.

When founder Mike Loverde created the company, he had two distinct goals in mind: first, he wanted to create a substance abuse intervention program that could help save people from their addictions and bring normalcy back into their lives. Second, he wanted to make sure that the families who suffer through an addict’s destructive behaviors receive help and support along the way.

“We don’t forget the destruction addiction brings to a family system nor do we discount the role the family plays in the addiction continuing,” Loverde said. “Having compassion and understanding for both sides is what makes us special.”

In the following Q&A, Loverde talks about his experience of applying for LegitScript Certification for Family First Intervention, and why he would recommend it to any addiction treatment provider.

What prompted Family First Intervention to apply for LegitScript certification?

I saw the industry changes coming, mostly with the way we could advertise with Google and Facebook. I felt it was important to have the ability to utilize those two sources for advertising. I also was told that I was going to need it if I wanted to continue being seen as a legitimate organization by others who had it.

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Why did you choose to get LegitScript-certified when you are already accredited?

You can never have too many certifications, credentials, or accreditations, especially in our industry where far too often people operate without them. We are not selling widgets, we are human service organizations. We have to remember that it is people’s lives we work with. Prospective clients need trust and honesty — anything you can do to prove that helps you and them in the end.

How was the certification process for you?

It was time-consuming; it was a lot of information and a very in-depth verification process. You certainly have to be a real company with everything a company, especially in our industry, should have. In the early stages, you actually get somewhat angry with everything that is needed. Then you realize, there is nothing to be angry about; you either have what is requested and do it the way it is supposed to be done or you don't.

How did LegitScript’s process compare to other certifications or accreditations you have?

It was similar to other verification processes. Whether it was graduate school, licensures, comprehensive exams, or other certifications, you have to provide what is required. If you don’t, you don’t get it. Anytime somebody or something comes into your world and appears to be questioning your abilities or modes of operation, you feel like your ego is taking a little hit. As I said earlier, however, if you have everything that is asked of you, you won't have a problem.

In an industry that has faced issues of trust and safety, why is certification important?

There are a lot of people in all areas of business and the internet who are not honest and ethical. There are also many who are, even without certifications and credentials. With everything you read and all of the changes being made, from laws to regulations and the way Google and Facebook algorithms are always changing, you have to keep up. I feel the future will bring us to a point that if you don’t have the ability to prove your ethics, integrity, and legitimacy, you won't be around anymore.

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