Why did The Springboard Center choose LegitScript Certification?

Why get your addiction treatment facility LegitScript-certified? The Springboard Center's Executive Director, Mark Alexander, PhD, shares how certification is helping his treatment facility get the word out and reach more people in need.

The Springboard Center has been a safe haven for adults experiencing addiction to drugs and alcohol since 2003. Based in Midland, Texas, the Center’s services include detoxification, inpatient treatment, and intensive outpatient treatment. In 2015, Springboard Sober Living opened to offer drug- and alcohol-free environments, which further aid in addiction treatment for recovering addicts who have successfully completed an inpatient treatment program.

In the following Q&A, Mark talks about applying for LegitScript Certification, and why he would recommend other addiction treatment providers undergo the rigorous process so they can prove their legitimacy and expand their business.

What prompted you to apply for LegitScript Certification?

We applied for certification because we wanted to increase our reach into the electronic media available to us. For too long, the Center has been a well-kept secret and should not have been. Increasing our reach while we build our reputation as a premier source for recovery will be essential to our success. Certification also assures potential clients that we unashamedly took the steps necessary to have someone “look over our shoulder” to examine our legitimacy as a quality treatment facility, willing to do things correctly.

What makes your treatment services special?

Our services are special because of our people. A majority of our staff members are people who understand recovery because they are in it and practice it daily. Many staff members have deep ties to The Springboard Center, most importantly as clients themselves. They have been here, gone through here, and have a distinct passion for giving the miracle of sobriety to others through their work here.

Why is it important for practices like yours to get certified and/or advertise online?

Becoming certified adds to the legitimate work of any center like ours. We are in a day where almost anyone can decorate a website with photos and words that seem legit. It is only after a business undergoes examination by a neutral third party that it can claim legitimacy. Furthermore, the desire to gain clients for financial reasons is very strong in this industry. This hunger can sometimes lead to compromises in care and clients being “brokered” to centers similar to ours. We believe certification helps us achieve our goals without brokering or compromising.

How does LegitScript Certification work into your online advertising plan?

LegitScript has allowed us to create greater visibility across all forms of social media and through Google. We have an uptick in clients entering our website, spending extended periods to check us out, and entering treatment. LegitScript has allowed us to boost ads, procure additional ad revenue from Google grants, and opened the door for the rest of our area to know about us and ask us for assistance in treating their substance abuse disorders.

How was the certification process for you?

At first it seemed turgid and like “too much” to ask. However, I do believe there are good reasons for the processes. It’s definitely a financial investment; however, the influx of new clients is certainly one benefit.

Can LegitScript Certification help prospective patients and families feel that your facility is safe and trustworthy?

We haven’t asked this question of patients, but we believe as LegitScript and the work being done spreads more word-of-mouth, it certainly can make an impact. Anyone seeking a service through the internet feels more comfortable with a resource when a recognized third party has looked at the way they are conducting their business and recommends it.

Any advice for others considering LegitScript Certification?

Consider well whether or not you are prepared to go through the certification process; it is rigorous but could well be worth it!

LegitScript has allowed us to create greater visibility across all forms of social media and through Google. We have an uptick in clients entering our website, spending extended periods to check us out, and entering treatment.

Mark Alexander, PhD, Executive Director

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