Sample Investigative Report:
Offshore Racks

Request the Full Version of Our Investigative Report on Offshore Racks

For several years, the web services company Offshore Racks has provided web hosting and other services to websites that operate unlawfully, including illicit internet pharmacies, phishing/scam websites, merchants engaged in intellectual property infringement, and other high-risk content.

In our 48-page Investigative Report, you'll learn more about the characteristics of this safe-haven internet service provider, including:

  • Websites with high-risk content for scams
  • Typosquatting and IGN homograph attack risk
  • The historical hosting of ISIL and terrorism propaganda
  • Profiles of the operators of Offshore Racks
  • Network infrastructure that connects Offshore Racks to illicit websites
  • Evidence of Offshore Racks marketing itself as an anonymous, private hosting company, which may invite cybercrime