The Essential Risk & Compliance Starter Kit for Search Engines

All of the Most Important Risk & Compliance Resources for Search Engines in One Awesome Package

Download Your Starter Kit for Search Engines

Search engines are the gateways to the internet, which is why website operators — both legitimate and illicit — put so much effort into advertising and search engine optimization. As e-commerce sales continue to grow, so does illicit activity related to online sales. From online fraud and scams to problematic products and services, search engines need to be able to assess threats and quickly identify violative content so you can take action before it damages your reputation, draws regulatory scrutiny, or threatens public safety.

To help make that process a little easier, we assembled all of our most important risk and compliance resources for search engines together in one downloadable starter kit. Topics covered include:

  • CBD
  • Dietary supplements
  • IP infringement
  • COVID-19 fraud