Quickly Assess Healthcare Product Legitimacy

Confidently verify the legitimacy of healthcare products against LegitScript's database of more than 110,000 healthcare products — for free

For acquirers looking to onboard merchants selling dietary supplements or other healthcare products, it's critical to understand if the products and ingredients the merchants are selling are safe and legitimate.
To help acquirers do that quickly and effectively, LegitScript is offering the opportunity to search the world’s largest, most comprehensive database of healthcare products and ingredients up to five times per day — for free.

Check Healthcare Product Legitimacy

What you will get

By using our free healthcare product checker, you will get a free report that includes the product's classification status across multiple jurisdictions, as it exists in LegitScript's database.
You will see if the product is:
  • Red flagged for being unapproved in various jurisdictions
  • Certified as having been reviewed and tested by LegitScript
  • Classified in various other potential categories with regard to approval status across jurisdictions
Empowered by this data, you will be able to more confidently assess the risk of onboarding a particular healthcare merchant.

LegitScript's Data

LegitScript collects information from regulatory agencies worldwide and identifies new products and websites on a daily basis via ongoing monitoring of some of the largest merchant and internet platform networks in the world. The result? A massive database of hundreds of thousands of websites and products, trusted by some of the largest organizations in the world.

LegitScript data is trusted by:


Merchant Monitoring Services

For merchant acquirers looking to onboard and monitor merchants at scale, LegitScript offers merchant monitoring services that combines big data and a team of human experts to enable you to confidently assess merchant risk and take action before it result in fines. 
As part of our merchant monitoring services, you will also get unlimited searches in our database of merchant websites and healthcare products.