November 17, 2020

LegitScript Appoints Scott Roth as Chief Executive Officer

Founder John Horton moves to active role as Executive Chairman

PORTLAND, Ore., — LegitScript, the leader in merchant and product certification and monitoring for internet and payment companies, announced that Scott Roth has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. Roth joined LegitScript as President earlier this year after leading Portland, Oregon-based technology company Jama Software as Chief Executive Officer.

Headshot of Scott Roth

Scott Roth

“With Scott’s track record in scaling software and technology companies, I have full confidence in his ability to lead LegitScript into the future,” LegitScript founder John Horton said. “Scott is a proven executive who has already demonstrated success in leading a growing company and fostering a great culture. Scott is committed to our vision of a safer, more transparent internet and payment ecosystem, and I’m grateful to have him as CEO.”

Horton, who has served as Chief Executive Officer since founding the company in 2007, will shift to Executive Chairman and will serve as the company’s Chief Strategy Officer. Prior to founding LegitScript, Horton worked for the White House and served as a prosecuting attorney.

“LegitScript has flourished because of John’s vision for what was lacking in the internet and payments space, and for his approach to making online commerce safer,” Roth said. “His continued involvement provides LegitScript continuity as it enters a new and exciting phase.” The announcement comes as the company is experiencing significant growth in financial performance, staffing, and client success. Under Horton's leadership, LegitScript has grown to a staff of more than 150 and earned an Inc. 5000 designation as one of the fastest growing companies in the US. LegitScript’s Platform Monitoring, Merchant Monitoring, and Certification offerings allow the world’s largest search engines, e-commerce marketplaces, social media platforms, and payment service providers to identify and remove fraudulent and violative advertisers and merchants.

The global pandemic, economic downturn, and social unrest occurring across the globe have emboldened cybercriminals to take advantage of the public through scams, dangerous products, illicit services, deceptive offerings, and more. By working with LegitScript, companies ensure that their platforms and portfolios are persistently monitored for violative behavior and can take action before consumers’ lives are negatively affected.

About LegitScript
Since 2007, LegitScript has been making the internet and payment ecosystems safer and more transparent. The company combines big data with a team of human experts skilled in monitoring, certification, and high-risk products and websites. The result? Unmatched accuracy and deep risk analysis that identifies which commercial entities play by the rules, and which do not. LegitScript’s multidimensional view across the entire compliance ecosystem provides unique insights from all industries and angles, allowing businesses and governments to stay at the forefront of emerging high-risk trends. That’s why LegitScript is trusted by the world's largest search engines, e-commerce platforms, payment companies, and regulatory agencies. For more information, visit


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