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LegitScript’s Merchant Monitoring Solution is Unlike What You’re Used To. And That’s a Good Thing.

We frequently hear from payment service providers that they’re sick of monthly data dumps, inaccurate notifications, and false positives from their legacy merchant monitoring service providers. It doesn’t have to be like that.

LegitScript approaches merchant monitoring in a totally different way. We combine big data, technology, and skilled human analysts to deliver the most accurate and highest quality merchant intelligence on the market — all in real time. It’s a difference you need to see to understand.

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Trusted by Industry Leaders Across the Globe

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Why Our Approach Helps You Keep Risk Under Control

LegitScript’s unique approach to merchant monitoring eliminates false positives and provides you with the most detailed and robust merchant data available. Learn how LegitScript’s approach can help you protect against fines — even in high-risk, emerging markets.

The LegitScript Experience

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with LegitScript

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Get Actionable Data, Faster

No more unclear, often inaccurate risk alerts. LegitScript combines advanced technology and human expertise to deliver real-time notifications with effectively zero false positives. You get clear, concise evidence explaining why a merchant presents risk.

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Detect Transaction Laundering

Algorithm-only monitoring doesn’t work against sophisticated fraudsters. LegitScript combines our proprietary data sets from across the internet with human investigation to investigate and detect transaction laundering that other vendors miss.

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Expand Into New Markets With Confidence

LegitScript monitors merchants in attractive high-risk and high-growth industries such as healthcare, financial services, and more, so you can grow your business with confidence.

Why Tidal Commerce Payments Switched to LegitScript

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"The best thing LegitScript does is reduce false positives. They consistently save our team time and effort by offering quality results with in-depth notes. When we review their notifications, they are always very consistent and accurate. ... LegitScript is hands down better than other competitors."


Ruben Pizana
Vice President of Risk and Compliance

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