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Put connected data to work for your business.

Building on an Unparalleled Data Foundation

At LegitScript, we’ve never settled for “good enough” — especially when it comes to monitoring problematic activity online. That’s why we track activity across all corners of the internet to identify problematic activity that others might miss.

Now we’re ready to take the next step, bringing our most powerful insights to scale and putting them in your hands.

Get Visibility Across the Commercial Internet

Meet OneView, our next generation merchant intelligence platform that will securely unite information from across the internet. OneView ingests millions of data points daily, which are then analyzed through our proprietary machine learning to yield relevant and targeted insights.

The result: critical alerts and recommendations delivered to you every day, in real time.

The Commercial Internet Is Where Business Happens

With OneView, you can more confidently grow your business while minimizing the risks.

Want to learn how your company can benefit from OneView?