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You can find anything online. The latest herbal supplement? Check. Treatment options for addiction and other complex health problems? Absolutely.

At LegitScript, we think that’s wonderful. So we work closely with businesses to make the internet safe for legitimate organizations, and for the people who need their services.

While our main focus is on helping businesses understand and align with legal and ethical practices, we believe that everyone should have access to reliable information about the goods and services they rely on.



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When you use our free healthcare website checker, you will see an approval status regarding the website. Search up to five times per week — at no cost to you.

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We’ll take a look and add our findings to our searchable database as appropriate.

What should be reported? Learn more about our classifications and about what makes an internet pharmacy rogue.

What We Do

LegitScript makes the internet and online payments safer for legitimate businesses and their customers by shining a light into the internet’s darkest corners.

We strive to be the most trusted advisors to inform businesses, governments, and the public about which commercial entities play by the rules — and which do not.

Together with our customers and partners, we work to transform our findings into concrete action for a safer and more transparent internet, by helping to disrupt the sale of counterfeit, potentially deadly pharmaceuticals, cut off payments to human traffickers, and more. Learn about our mission.

Leading payment services providers and search engines trust LegitScript:

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Learn More About Internet-Based Crimes
  • Big business. No accountability. Understanding online crime.

  • Want to disrupt internet-enabled crime. Follow the money.

  • How hate groups flourish online, and how to disrupt them.

One-Minute Videos on Common Problematic Products
Adult Social Media Platforms | Maria Allgaier | Merchant Risk Live

In this episode of Merchant Risk Live, we chat with Maria Allgaier, founder of Freyja XO, a sustainable and safe social media platform that offers a home to sex educators and others discriminated against on other social media platforms. Learn about the trust and safety considerations on platforms like these and why they serve an important role in the online space.

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Threat Hunting | Adrian Cheek | Merchant Risk Live

In this episode of Merchant Risk Live, host Melissa Sutherland talks with Adrian Cheek, a threat hunter and threat intelligence leader. Adrian offers a 30-minute presentation on how investigators track, monitor, and expose illicit actors. Topics include top data points for building out a network, building out a network from scratch, and more!

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Global Disinformation | Daniel Rogers | Merchant Risk Live

In this episode of Merchant Risk Live, host Melissa Sutherland is joined by Dr. Daniel J. Rogers with with the Global Disinformation Index. During the show, they talk about issues around Section 230, working with tech to take ownership of content on their platforms, and Dr. Roger’s recent participation at the United Nations.

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E-money | Tim Buckingham | Merchant Risk Live

In this episode of Merchant Risk Live, Tim Buckingham, managing partner at Buckingham & Buckingham LLP, talks about e-money licenses, Brexit, US-based payment companies and their international processing, and more. Listen now!

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