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Separating the Fish Oils From the Fishy Businesses

Problematic ingredients, outlandish marketing claims: There are a lot of fishy businesses out there trying to make a quick buck by selling supplements that are adulterated, counterfeit, and potentially dangerous.

The truth is, the supplement marketplace is difficult to navigate, especially when you’re selling products online and in multiple countries.

That’s why Amazon and other e-commerce platforms rely on LegitScript’s Global Product Review — and our extensive jurisdictional and language expertise — to keep customers safe and ensure compliance.

Reviewed. Good to Go.

E-commerce platforms like Amazon need to know what’s in your supplements. We can help with that.

When you submit your products to our Global Product Review, we check every ingredient for conformance against jurisdictional requirements, so you can grow your presence in online marketplaces and expand into new global markets with confidence.

Submit your whole product catalog or just specific products. You have the flexibility to choose which products you’d like to have reviewed based on your budget and needs.

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Supplement Your Knowledge

The supplements market can be bewildering, even for the most conscientious merchants and e-commerce platforms. To help you understand the risks and build a thriving business, we’ve put together a free Dietary Supplements guide.

Stay Up To Date with the Latest Dietary Supplement Information
  • The Dos & Don'ts of Internet Supplement Ads: Useful tips to shed light on common compliance issues.

  • Dietary Supplements FAQ: Learn about dietary supplements and the claims that can violate policies.

  • Top 10 Problematic Ingredients: The most problematic ingredients in dietary supplements.

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