Resources for Government
and Law Enforcement Agencies

LegitScript is highly experienced in mapping out a target’s entire network. Our team of experts offer DNS analysis and other technical information, ranging from quick answers to long-form investigative analyses. These resources provide a small insight into the work we do.

The Fundamentals of Whois Primer

This primer provides an introduction to what a Whois record is and why it is important, particularly when it comes to business transparency. It includes case studies of how privacy-protected Whois records can be used to hide illicit business activity, as well as how Whois records can be used to connect large networks of rogue internet pharmacies.

Sample Investigative Report Excerpt

What's in an investigative report? See what a report looks like, as well as the depth of research and analysis that takes place. In this sample report excerpt, LegitScript provides a comprehensive overview of the operations behind an offshore internet service provider (ISP) that appears to serve as a safe-haven for cybercrime.