Resources for Pharmacy, Telemedicine, and Other Healthcare Providers

These educational resources for those in healthcare are intended to help improve understanding around compliance and consumer safety, and explain the benefits of getting certified by LegitScript.

Top 10 Tips All Healthcare Merchants Should Follow

Learn from the most common mistakes other pharmacies and healthcare merchants make. This 12-page guide is packed full of insider tips you should follow to meet advertising and payments requirements, including rules around prescriptions, patient privacy, foreign laws, and more.

Telemedicine Introduction

Telemedicine is generally legal in the US, but because it is regulated at the state level, rules around what is permissible vary state by state. As with any emerging technology, laws are often trying to play catch-up with advancements, making telemedicine regulation a murky subject that can be difficult to navigate. Download our introductory guide to get answers to some of the most common questions.

Telemedicine Testimonial: Roman Health

“There is no doubt in my mind that LegitScript is a symbol of trust and a sign of credibility for every single potential member who visits our site.“ Learn from Roman Health's co-founder, Zachariah Reitano, why his telemedicine business got LegitScript-certified and why he recommends it.

What Makes an Internet Pharmacy "Rogue"?

The majority of internet pharmacies are operating with blatant disregard for the law, and many others are unwittingly operating out of compliance. Find out the top three considerations that make an online pharmacy "rogue," and learn more about the healthcare standards that can keep your pharmacy in compliance.

Telemedicine Compliance Guide

After you've read our Telemedicine Introduction, get additional information about compliance standards in the US. Our Telemedicine Compliance guide gives an overview of the latest trends in telemedicine, including licensure requirements you need to know about, technology requirements and how they vary by state, and risks and red flags regarding online questionnaires.

Telemedicine Testimonial: Secure Medical

“If we would’ve applied for the LegitScript Certification sooner, it would’ve opened more doors.“ Learn how LegitScript Certification helped Kyle Rao, President of Secure Medical, bring his company into compliance, build trust with prospective customers, and expand his business in the online space.

Pharmacy Testimonial: Davis Islands Pharmacy

"The brick-and-mortar pharmacy market is rife with competition ... The quickest and easiest way to reach new prospects is through digital." The operators of Davis Islands Pharmacy talk about LegitScript Certification, and why it is valuable for retail pharmacies and healthcare providers that have an online presence.

Infographic: Internet Pharmacies by the Numbers

Your internet pharmacy does its best to operate in compliance and follow all applicable laws, but that's not the case for most online pharmacies. Download our infographic to see how widespread the problem of "rogue" pharmacies is, and see why it's so important to get certified so you can build trust and stand out from the crowd.

Pharmacy Testimonial: Truepill

"This has been a tremendous experience, and I appreciate the hard work LegitScript does to make our online pharmacy market safer and trustworthy." See what Jeff Carroll, Director of Business Development, had to say about his experience with LegitScript Certification and how it helped Truepill further their online credibility.