Brand Monitoring

Protect your brand and your customers from websites and organized networks selling unauthorized versions of your products online.

Knock-off websites and unauthorized versions of your products can dilute your brand and potentially hurt your customers.

Your reputation matters. LegitScript helps protect it. LegitScript's Brand Monitoring helps you to stay in control of your online presence and develop actionable strategies to respond.

Why Choose LegitScript

Assess the Right Threats

See what internet users see when they search for your products online with regularly scheduled reports and analyses of the most visible websites, with options for monitoring in 60 countries and more than 15 languages. LegitScript assesses your products’ online presence and ranks unauthorized sellers by threat priority so you know where to focus your efforts.

Get Actionable Intelligence

We don’t just tell you what. We tell you who. Through LegitScript’s extensive knowledge of organized criminal networks, you find out who is behind the unauthorized sale of your products and the scope of their operations. Ongoing reporting allows you to understand which products are most at risk, uncover the emergence of new threats, track improvements, and assess trends over time.

Protect Your Brand and Consumers

With LegitScript, you get brand and consumer protection rolled into one. LegitScript helps you identify the most effective course of action to protect your brand and consumers from fake, expired, or unauthorized products. LegitScript data, analysis, and assistance with enforcement helps you do everything you can to help keep internet users safe.

Work With a Trusted Partner

Some of the world’s leading healthcare enforcement agencies rely on LegitScript to target illicit sellers of unapproved healthcare products. LegitScript has taken down more than 75,000 domain names and thousands of merchant accounts, and assisted in hundreds of multinational criminal investigations.

How It Works

LegitScript provides expert support for your brand protection efforts. Our threat assessments provide lists of your biggest brand name abusers:
  • Threat assessments based on our proprietary algorithm show you which rogue pharmacies are the top threats to your brand.
  • Grouping of high-value targets by affiliate network or other grouping, so you know who is behind the networks.
  • Expert advice on the legalities and methods for shutting down rogue pharmacies based on internet compliance rules.

LegitScript can also help if you want to monitor usage of your brand name online:
Based on predefined branded search terms of your choosing, you’ll get regularly scheduled reports based on results from the internet’s top search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and others. Our research analysts then review your report and include a summary so that you can easily understand your results and take appropriate action. For further information and pricing, contact us.

Note: We independently notify internet service providers and registrars about rogue internet pharmacies solely on the basis of public health, not intellectual property rights, and not as a paid service on behalf of any third party.

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